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Default ► APEX | EC-7 Mustang Wheels

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APEX EC-7 Wheels

The EC-7 was designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance and fit. More and more, faster and heavier cars are being used for racing, track days, and daily driving. Because of this, engineering the EC-7 to handle extreme abuse on the track and street, while keeping the wheel lightweight, was vital.

Visit our website to order

The Good Stuff

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1. They Fit Everything
An optimized car setup begins with the perfect wheel and tire fitment. Without model-specific attention, maximum performance is compromised. This Mustang specific EC-7 equips S197 and S550 enthusiasts with the precise wheel specifications needed to outfit their cars with a square fitment. This strikes a perfect balance of efficiency and grip.

The EC-7 wheel includes details specifically implemented to enhance the Mustang owners' track day and street performance experience; offering further-improved big brake clearance around the barrel and a direct bolt-on fitment with standard factory issue lug nuts. With the Mustang-specific EC-7, there is no need for aftermarket wheel studs or lug nuts, and no hub centric rings required for use. Simply put, our wheel was designed for long-term durability without sacrificing performance and fit, while also adhering to APEX’s mission of maximizing value. Corner carving & track enthusiasts: this is your wheel.

Please note, small spacers may be needed up front for proper strut clearance depending on suspension type, vehicle ride height and tire size and brand.

2. Brake Clearance - Spokes
If the spokes of a wheel don't clear your brake calipers, then the wheel can’t be used at all. We made sure all 18" APEX EC-7 wheels can properly clear OEM steel brakes, spacer free. Because of the large variation in clearance needs, APEX produced the EC-7 wheel using three unique face profiles. When the correct profile is used for each specific vehicle application, every Big Brake Kits can clear the spokes spacer free. The EC-7 18x10” ET43 is one of the few 18” wheels on the market that can clear the S550 Performance Package brakes, S197 14” Brembo BBK, S197 GT500 15” Brembo BBK, and more!

3. Brake Clearance - Barrel
Designing a wheel with spokes that clear a Big Brake Kit, is only half of the battle. The inside of the barrel needs to be large enough to physically fit large calipers and rotors. Be warned— not all 18" wheels are made equal. The barrel of the EC-7 wheel offers unmatched caliper clearance because wheels shouldn’t limit your choice of aftermarket brake kits, and brake kits shouldn’t force you to run oversized wheels.

The EC-7 barrel diameter is an improvement over our ARC-8 design. That difference allows the EC-7 to clear massive big brake kits where the ARC-8 simply cannot. This is vital on 18" applications because they are the ideal wheel diameter for performance and race applications. Without enough clearance, most larger diameter brake kits will almost certainly not fit behind typical wheels, forcing you to compromise with heavier, larger diameter wheels. Most 18" wheels on the market make aesthetic compromises to their design that consumers wouldn't even know have a major negative impact on barrel clearance. We 2D modeled most Big Brake Kits available in Solidworks and tweaked the wheel design of the EC-7 prior to production in order to fit as many kits as possible. Contact us to confirm brake clearances for your specific application.

4. Hub Centric
All APEX EC-7 wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications, and centering rings are never required for any Mustang S197 or S550 application. All 5x114.3mm bolt pattern wheels feature a direct-fit, 70.5mm center bore. Also, we don't reuse the same centercap design for all of our wheels. Every EC-7 wheel is designed to work with factory center caps. You can easily replace APEX center caps with OEM Ford center caps for a clean factory look. The EC-7 wheels will ship with our Gloss Black center cap that mimics the size and shape of a Ford factory center cap.

Designed for the Performance Enthusiast

Flow-forming allows for a significant reduction in rotational mass by reducing barrel weight. This manufacturing technique allows our wheels to be almost as light as a traditional forged wheel, but without the significant increase in price.

Track duty requires a wheel that can handle the punishment of high lateral G’s, hitting berms, and every once in a while, a small off track excursion. Spoke and barrel design are a major factor in wheel strength. The flow-forming technique uses high pressure disks/rollers to roll the wheel’s barrel into its final shape. This gives the barrel the same strength properties as a forged wheel, since monoblock wheels go through a similar step to form their barrels. We design our spoke dimensions to help evenly distribute loads from the barrel to the center of the wheel. The lack of a front lip, and spokes directly connecting to the edge of the wheel, also add increased strength to the outer lip of the wheel.

Chassis-Specific Fitments
Stretched rubber, narrow tires, and fender rubbing are not elements to look for in a competitive wheel/tire setup. All of our wheels were designed with offsets that allow for proper fitment of extreme summer, and r-compound tires without the need for spacers or fender rolling. This means keeping the tire under the fender, and away from suspension components. Track oriented wheel widths are also important as they provide proper sidewall support under hard cornering. Too much rubber for a wheel results in excessive sidewall deflection, which translates into sloppy and delayed turning response.

The APEX Standard

Click the image to open in full size.

1. FEA Optimization
We took more time than ever before on this step, revising and iterating our design to reduce weight as much as possible. After countless iterations we removed material from the sides of the spokes in a way that allowed us to increase strength over our previous designs.

2. Always Flow Formed
All APEX wheels feature Flow-Formed construction that utilizes rotary forging to produce a strong and lightweight barrel. The EC-7 is no exception.

3. True JWL & VIA Certification
Strength needs to be certified. Our wheels were not simply FEA tested in a computer simulation, or in-house tested to an unregulated standard. We conduct real-world crush-testing and all of our wheels conform to Japan’s JWL standard, as well as being 3rd-party tested by the VIA. All of our wheels carry a 690KG load rating.

Available Finishes

Click the image to open in full size.

Sizes, Weights, and Pricing

18" Sizes
19" Sizes

Questions about tires, fenders, brakes, spacers, or suspension clearances?
Click here to get a personalized fitment recommendation from one of our experts.

On-Car Photos & Renders

Click the image to open in full size.
Shown above: GT350 19x11" ET52 EC-7 wheels in Satin Black with 305/30/19 tires all around, with 25mm spacers up front.

Click the image to open in full size.
Shown above: S550 GT PP 18x10" ET43 EC-7 Wheels in Anthracite with 295/35/18 tires all around, with 15mm spacers up front.

Click the image to open in full size.
Shown above: S550 GT PP 18x10" ET43 EC-7 Wheels in Satin Black with 275/40-18 tires all around.

Click the image to open in full size.
Shown above: S550 GT PP 18x11" ET52 EC-7 Wheels in Race Silver with 305/35-18 tires all around, with 25mm spacers up front.

Product images are nice but we know what you really want to see, photos of our wheels on actual cars. You can check out our extensive collection of photos on our Flickr page here, or we also have a Showroom Gallery on this forum here

Ordering and Contact Information
  • Hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM to 6PM PST
  • Shipping: All orders are shipped directly from us via UPS. Local pickup also available at our Livermore, CA Warehouse. (Map It)
Product Specialist | Phone: 925.245.0773 | [email protected]

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Blog

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