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    1. DW1
      Greetings, I am currently interested in cams for my 3v. I'm thinking blow by racing stage 1 cams. As a tuner is this a good recommendation? And how much would you charge to tune it? Thanks
    2. fordave
      lito how are you sir, I can tell you are a busy man, I'm hoping you got the time to let me know what would the cost be to do a pats delete, its a 2013 5.0 manual trans pcm, I'm using a nguage hp tuner also how does the process work to have my car tuned by you
    3. PattyPatch
      I was wondering if you could possibly help me out with a little bit of info. My brother and I have swapped over a 2013 coyote motor and 6 speed manual trans into a 2005 V6 mustang with the FRPP control pack. The car runs but we are having the same issue as most have and that is no SPEEDO and no TACH. We tried the speed dial with no success, tried directly wiring it to the pcm 50 pin connector as well as directly to the power distribution box all with no success. I read that you had been successful in using the factory instrument cluster for the gauges and they worked. I also saw that you had mentioned posting a video of that. Could you possibly send me a link to that video if it is about the speedo wiring, or would you be willing to give me detailed instructions on how to wire this cluster up so that everything works and we don't have this stalling issue anymore as well as not getting a bunch of tickets. Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    4. Benwhite911
      You come highly recommended. I have an 05 V6, and the flash tuner I use is an old Diablosport Predator U7140. Do you have any tunes that would work well with the V6, and if so, is the predator device I use compatible with your tunes?
    5. Toddwagner
      Hey Lito,
      I have a 2005 gt and everywhere I look tells me to contact you for a tune through my x4 tuner. How does this work? What information do you need? What's the cost? You can contact me at [email protected]
    6. Falkorn
      been referred to you by a few of my buddies for a mustang 3v tune. (heard you were best in town.) I have a 2010 4.6L 3v with basic bolt ons. (airaid cold air, 3.73 stock gears, off road x-pipe(pypes), twin 62 mm throttlebody, and a few other small bolt ons.) I'm currently running a bama tune and am looking for something more serious. contact info: [email protected] / cell (913)-515-6040 - either is good way to get a hold of me.
    7. 05sonicblue
      What tuner do you prefer tuning with? Is the SCT x4 good to buy?
    8. coffeydp
      Hey Lito, wondering if you could help me out with a new tune. I've got a 2011 GT manual, Steeda CAI, Longtube headers, X with high flow cats, 3.73 gears. I have an SCT X3. I've had issues with RPMs dropping when I come to a stop, but I hear you are one of the best man. Thanks man
    9. Connorj2104
      Ok lito just like most of the people on the forum I was told to contact you about a tune for my 2007 gt. Nothing major just something to give me a little more getty up. Daily driver, bought some parts on craigslist, Steeda pro flow CAI and I have a sct x3 tuner. Just stock pipe with 40 series flowmasters. So any info would be great. 50 year old mid life play time.
    10. CammedS197
      Was wondering if you could help me out for the path of my gt for engine mods for N/A so far and also some info on your tuning and how much you charge. I have been told to contact you by many many people and to have you do my tuning.

      [email protected]

      Thanks, James
    11. Stephen31201
      Hey Lito, if you get bored could you look at my recent post about "new tune detonation." I am new to having people tune a vehicle and I honestly don't know if I am being taken advantage of or not.

    12. 09mb5854
      Seeking a tune for 2009 bullitt with following mods:
      JLT Serie 3 CAI, FRPP 62mm Throttle Body, FRPP Performance Intake, FRPP Hot Rod Cams, FRPP CNC Heads, Long Tube Headers by ARH, and FRPP axle backs. 4.10 FRPP Gear Set. Cnti Extreme DW 255/45 ZR18 on all 4 corners.

      Please advise on process to order tune file for SCT Tuner from you.

      Thank you

      John Young
      [email protected]
    13. fonz3482
      Hey Lito, It was suggested that I contact you for tuning. I was wondering what the process is, pricing for tuning, and what gains I can expect, and if I make future upgrades, do I contact you and pay an additional fee for new tunes? I currently have an 07gt with pypes long tube headers, pypes off road x-pipe, pypes mid muffler system, and I'm planning to buy a jlt 3 series cai, and 4.10 gears in the next few weeks. If you could let me know how you can help, i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    14. raredesign
      Deleted this message.
    15. Fredrik
      Hi Lito, I was told that you maybe can help me :) I have a 2005 gt automatic and consider buy hot rod cams and sct tuner. I have not any dyno in my aria and will like to eventually buy a good custom tune that will work perfect. I will also change to 3.73 or 4.10 gear (don't know which ) is it possible, cjpony parts say that cam need dyno tune
    16. obxdude018
      Hey Manuel, sent you a pm last night about finally tuning my car.
    17. sprchrgd s197
      sprchrgd s197
      Did you get my emails?????
    18. sportinawoody
      also id like to talk to you about tuning my car but you rbox is full
    19. sportinawoody
      wondering if you know of any of your customers that has a 11-13 lb. lower pulley for a steeda 10 rib setup that they would like to sell. i know the diameter would be 5.000 " maybe a little more if measured from the outside lip
    20. fujifrench2k4
      I am inquiring about getting a remote tune done by you. I was wondering how the process works. I have just put on a procharger 10 psi intercooled kit , cmdp plates , and would need a base tune to start dataloging. How does datalogging work? I have an sct but I don't have a wideband installed yet. Let me know
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