Lethal Performance to offer first Off Road Pipe for S550 V6 Mustangs!

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    You Asked and We Listened!

    Lethal Performance is the First to Offer an Off Road Pipe for the S550 Mustang V6. Constructed from T409 stainless steel, this H pipe removes the restrictive OEM catalytic converters as well as the OEM suitcase resonator to increase HP, sound and even in some cases, MPG. Along with the increase in HP (12+rwhp/20ft/lbstq on just the STOCK tune!) and sound quality, this pipe is substantially lighter than stock as well.

    Take a listen to the sound clips in the video to hear the difference over stock!

    This H pipe fits all S550 V6 Models including auto and manual transmission as well as coupe and convertible. Bolts to the stock manifolds and requires only 2 cuts behind the stock resonator. Includes two new OEM style clamps but you will also reuse your two stock clamps to secure the pipe to the factory exhaust behind the resonator.

    T409 stainless steel construction
    H cross over for deep tone
    Increase HP
    Increase sound
    Removes weight
    Includes necessary hardware for install
    Fits auto and manual transmission
    Fits coupe and convertible


    Tune required to turn off check engine light.

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