Race Star has some New (Forged) RSF-1 Wheels ...

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    A lot of you drag-race so these might be of interest.


    Forged Fun:
    Race Star Wheels Introduces Their Forged RSF-1 Wheel

    Having a modern performance car that makes epic amounts of power is
    great, but getting that power to the ground at the track is always challenge
    due to the lack of sticky tire options for factory wheels. Race Star Wheels
    has a solution for the modern muscle car owner looking to lower their ETs
    at the track and put big power down with their new RSF-1 Forged one-
    piece wheel. This new wheel has all the benefits of a forged wheel and will
    easily fit many modern performance cars.

    Race Star’s Carl Robinson gives some background on the RSF-1’s

    “This new wheel is part of the evolution of the Race Star brand into a one-
    piece forged wheel line. This wheel is a step up in performance that’s
    lighter, stronger, and has better ventilation for the brakes all in a stylish
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    The RSF-1 wheels are available as specialty fitments for the most popular
    Ford and GM sizes at this time. “We found the most popular sizes are the
    17×4.5 front with a 15×10 rear on many cars. These will fit most GM late
    model cars directly, or they will fit after a 15-inch conversion package. For
    the Mustang applications, these wheels will fit many of the different
    generations that are on the road today directly,” Robinson says.

    Race Star is manufacturing the RSF-1 out of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
    with a high-quality clear coat finish to keep cleaning needs low. The wheels
    are machined for lug nuts that use a conical seat and have no welds to leak
    or bolts that loosen over time.

    If you’re serious about getting the most performance out of your late
    model car at the drag strip check out the RSF-1 Forged 1-Piece wheel from
    Race Star Wheels!

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    I don't like this trend of casting your name into the side of a wheel. I would not buy them on that fact alone. I also don't care for the shape of the wheel. Round is good of course. But I mean I don't like the shape of the spokes.

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