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  1. WildWestChris
    Looking to sell my 2007 GT Mustang
  2. Sandbarr65
    Loving my 09 GT/CS
  3. Sandbarr65
    loving my 09 CS/GT
  4. 1 Alibi 2
    1 Alibi 2
    " Chance favors the prepared mind "
  5. mrdale14424
    '10 GT; Brilliant Silver, BBK intake, Borla axle-backs. Previous Mustangs: '09 v6, '10 GT, '11 3.7, & now back to the 4.6.
  6. travelers
    travelers Brody Gamble
    If your looking for a alum drive shaft, I have the one I took out of my 2011 GT stick when I installed the T56. Let me know if your interested.
  7. Ben S
    Ben S
    Hi. I was wondering how you could take out a fuel tank on a 2007 Mustang with a stock exhaust
  8. Frostbitegt17
    Lets make a deal!
  9. Kadyn
    i got a 2010 mustang gt and the last owner put in a flowmaster series 40 catback exhaust and he also mentioned adding borla high flow cats
  10. BumblebeeGT
    BumblebeeGT lito
    Hey lito, I'm looking for someone to tune my 3v mustang and I heard your the man. I am about to start installing an on3 turbo kit. Are you able to remote tune for that, and what tuner do you support if so?
  11. d05
    d05 Gabe
    Hi Gabe - I don't post enough to DM, so I hope this finds you. I saw you post on running 305/35/20 tires on 20x10s with 48mm offset. I want to do the same, but know the brand can make a difference. With your setup, were you lowered on NT555Rs? Further, if you could have gone with a greater offset, such as 50, would it have been beneficial or would the tire hit the inner liner or bump stop bracket?
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    2. Gabe
      A 305 tire really wants to be installed on an 11"-wide wheel, which would fit on the back but you'll need an offset in the 52-60mm range.
      My car has been lowered for over 6 years, and it was lowered when I ran the setup you asked about. At the time it was on Steeda Sport rear springs, currently it's on BMR springs which lowered the rear about 1.5" (I think the Steedas lowered the back a little less)
      Jul 17, 2019
    3. d05
      My situation is that I have a set of ET42 20x10s, which don't tuck enough for my air suspension. I have a local shop who is comfortable milling the mounting hub to increase the offset and I am trying to determine the most appropriate offset. I know AMR and Razor wheels have 48mm offsets, but was curious if going higher - such as 50 (or more) would work, assuming there's a safe amount of material to remove.
      Jul 18, 2019
    4. Gabe
      I'd say making them 48mm offset should be more than enough for what you need.
      That 48 with a 285 tire would be perfect. You can try a 305, might rub a tiny bit, not sure, don't have experience with air suspension
      Jul 18, 2019
  12. Troy stang
    Troy stang
    I'm not a mechanic but I can usually figure it out. Love trying.
  13. hookburn63
    hookburn63 Norm Peterson
    Hi Norm. Just read your suspension post. Why do S197s spin out? Before my S197 never worried about that. I think the brakes has something to do with it; Ford says its poor driver skills. I have a blank sheet to make SJ clone. My only requirement is getting 15x10s within the wheel wells. I'll remove my gas tanks on put ladder bars on if you think that would solve the spin-out. Thanks!
  14. 43alaskaman
    New to the awesomeness of the mustang convertible!
  15. on3coyote
    on3coyote choustonls1
    Hey bud did you ever figure the fuel issue out? My car just started to do the same thing last week. I have a modified Sai Li system too.
  16. JohnP
    Mustang less.. but have parts.
  17. Fabman
    Because Racecar
  18. Johnathan Vannote
    Johnathan Vannote
    Looking for a quality paint job in Arkansas for under 2k. Anybody have any recommendations?
  19. Sn95 owner
    Sn95 owner
    Does anyone know the part number for the oil slinger/baffle that goes on the crankshaft after the RMS for 4.6l
  20. glennt
    glennt TGR96
    do you still have tow hook kit??
    1. TGR96
      Yes I do. And sorry for the delayed response. I have been out of town and haven't logged in the forum in a while.

      Let me know if you are still interested.


      Jul 2, 2019