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  1. undrpsi
    undrpsi 05stroker
    Hey! not sure if you still get on this site. If you do I have a couple questions about the bearing used in your f1a rebuild.
  2. glewis29
    glewis29 ixtlan
    sorry to bother you but I found your post on how you fixed your gas fillup issue on your S197. The pictures are gone though. Do you happen to have them at all anymore?
  3. rayandsouza
    Scampedia-Scammer Defense App
  4. Otha Starkey
    Otha Starkey
    New member. Hope to gain much knowledge about my 2009 Torch Red Convertible.
  5. Anti
    Anti Sactown
    So, where can I find some video's of when you were running that s197 GT with a turbo?
  6. Limon88
    Hi, I´m from Spain, Europe. I have a 06 mustang and i want a lower grille for my CS bumper. Can you help me?
    I wanna install an electric water pump on my 07 GT anybody done this mod if so did you notice any improvements
  8. my07silvergt
    1. dbird
      Where do I post up that I'm "new" here?
      Jun 18, 2018
  9. MrGoodCat
    MrGoodCat KonaBlueBryar
    Hey man, you posted that you had a buddy, Ben with a stang that someone posted a pic of with xxr wheels..

    I'm wondering if you know those wheels and tires specs or could maybe get me in contact with that person so I could find out?? I want that setup but unsure of the sizes.

    This may be old and a long shot but if this could be made possible..
    Thanks a lot!!
  10. MrGoodCat
    MrGoodCat Goody05
    Hey, wondering what size your wheels and tires are?? That's if you even still have the setup I saw in a posting..

  11. pedrofiveoh
    2014 GT Premium in Sterling Grey
  12. Kyle.kimball
    Kyle.kimball TexasBlownV8
    hey my names kyle, im going to be doing a swap to my 2006 v6 mustang to a 4.6 i had a few questions if you wouldnt mind emailing me [email protected] thanks
  13. Lightningtruck
    Kit # is XS5556M/2.8, also known as the HiPo kit. Is that what you needed? Thanks!
  14. Legend_Jr
    Legend_Jr Lightningtruck
    Would you be able to provide any part numbers of the X-Charger system?
    1. Lightningtruck
      I’ll go take a look and see what I can find. Thanks
      May 27, 2018
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    2. Lightningtruck
      Kit # is XS5556M/2.8, also known as the HiPo kit. Is that what you needed? Thanks!
      May 27, 2018
  15. billy396
    Traded 2006 Mustang GT for new 2015 GT in April 2015
  16. Ken E
    Ken E
    Always on the Move!
  17. brembo12
    Retired :)
  18. Shuck23
    New to the forum I have a 2006 mustang gt.
  19. Shuck23
    2006 mustang gt
  20. Scott
    Scott d05
    Not sure who can see this, do you want my direct email as a can't PM you?