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  1. Trevor Koechig
    Trevor Koechig
    I have a 2014 mustang gt and in need of good email tuners that use hp tuners any recommendations?
  2. GlassTop09
  3. GlassTop09
  4. GlassTop09
  5. J.Kidd
    J.Kidd gww52
  6. akylekoz
    akylekoz Aerofinz
    Oops, I actually wanted the GTB mufflers.
    Text or Call Tony
  7. akylekoz
    akylekoz Aerofinz
    Unless already spoken for I'll take the GTA Mufflers.
    Haven't figured out how to send a direct message yet. I'm in Grand Rapids.
  8. MasterofDisaster
    MasterofDisaster Dino Dino Bambino

    I've run one tank of gas through my 08GT since I installed plastic panel to smooth airflow. The tank gave me 20.8mpg as opposed to a little under 20 on the previous tanks. The computer said I was getting 22.1mpg as opposed to 21.4 without the panel. I think it's a little early to say anything definite, but it is encouraging.

    Anyway, thanks!. After a couple more tanks I post about it.


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    2. Dino Dino Bambino
      Dino Dino Bambino
      You might be interested to know that I saw a further improvement in highway cruising gas mileage by porting the stock throttle body.
      Mar 24, 2021
  9. Nicknick
    This is my first time on a forum.i have some s197 questions about going keyless.
  10. Justin Bonsell
    Justin Bonsell Juice
    Hey I've got an 06 base looking to gen 1 or 2 f150 coyote swap without a control pack. Could I just use the factory pcm/ecu from the gen 2 f150(different timing than gen 1) or is there a reason to use the mustang pcm.
    1. Juice
      If you want to have the stock dash work, must use gen 1 pcm. You can use a stock pcm, but will have to deal with PATS, aka, pay to have it deleted from pcm. Or use the crate 6 control pack strategy, that will bypass PATS but wont pass smog inspection. No matter what route you go, tuning WIiLL be required if you dont want a check engine light.
      Mar 22, 2021
  11. J.Kidd
    J.Kidd gww52
    aequitas4 got the jump on you for the tail lights so I have to give him/her first crack. I reached out. If I do not hear back or if it falls through, I will definitely let you know.
    - John
  12. race4food
    race4food Shane Wood
    May I get your number please? I am not getting power or communication to my computer and PBH has not been very helpful.
    1. Shane Wood
      Shane Wood
      Apr 6, 2021
  13. Boosted3valve
    Boosted3valve 05moneypit
    Hey man I have some questions for you, cant figure out how to Pm you, would you send me one?
  14. Coyote Chill
    Coyote Chill
    Bought a 08 GT with one owner 70k miles. Replaced fuel pump twice but still runs on only half a tank. Loses power after an hour on the road.
  15. Dave I
    Dave I MSgt46270
    Hello..I am new to this forum and not really sure how to use it. Lol. I just blew my 4.6 3v in my 07 gt. It was built with cams and only has 57k on it. I am not sure what to do but I need to do a swap of some sort. Looking for guidance on what and where to buy. Please help. Thanks
      What brought me to this forum is the purchase of a stock 2006 GT 5-speed convertible with 61,000 miles.
      I've had a string of Mustangs over the years, including a FFR Cobra that I built around an 88 GT 5.0 donor. Also owned a parade of MGBs and TR6s.
      First car was a 67 Camaro RS convertible 327 4spd - still exists in BC Canada.
      Any good Mustang or car groups here in SW FL?
      Port Charlotte FL
      Text 571-217-1915
      Mar 6, 2021
  17. Richie
    Richie Swine
    Do you still have the wheel hub kit? Can you send me pictures please the ones in the original post will not show up for me for some reason.

    Thank you
    Can text me as well 3174696588
  18. BAD3VLV
    BAD3VLV white95
    I have a 05 Gt with the same exact no start issue as you had. I tried what you put in your thread and it cranked once, but I haven't been able to get it to do it again. Did you end up replacing any parts on yours?
  19. Sammy70
    Sammy70 gus
    Hey Gus. Wondered if your PA Deep Trans Pan for 5R55 was still for sale?

  20. Anti
    Anti Patrik Vrablic
    Verrrrrrry suspicious....
    1. Patrik Vrablic
      Patrik Vrablic
      Don't worry
      Feb 6, 2021
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