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  • Billy, I sent you a text message about a 6r80 question; I'll post up in the loooong thread where all that is discussed, too.
    Hey man, you don’t have any ported heads for sale do you? I wasn’t sure if your rebuild ever got finished or not and I had an issue that took my heads out
    Hey! not sure if you still get on this site. If you do I have a couple questions about the bearing used in your f1a rebuild.
    hey is it possible to use 2v stoker pistons on my 3v stroker i bought a kit from a buddy brand new and only difference is the pistons say 2v but ive talked to couple buddies and say that they the pistons are the same what do you think

    Dysan told me to contact you, you are more knowledgealbe on stuff like this.
    Hey Billy,
    Just got in from work tonight.
    I used Lucky's Performance in Longview. Jason is the owner.
    I plan on getting together with you and Manuel "Lito", in July.
    Jason is a GM guy; but he is good to work with. You will need to give him plenty of lead time to use his dyno. If you need any help feel free to call me.
    Dave Greer
    hey man u got 20s do they rub when u drive n hit a bump n what size tires u got...cuz i was gonna get 18s wit the rear tires a 305 40 r18..
    The shifter you are listing is it the chrome or black version. If its the chrome for a S197 auto I'd be interested. Thanks Bill
    How do you like the procharger setup? I have been thinking about going with one. How was the install and who is tuning it for you? I want to make some big numbers on the dyno. Tell me what you like and don't like?
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