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    1. AztroRover
      Hi Anti,
      Looking at your profile pic, what wheel and tire size set up are you using? It really looks great and inspiring. Spacers? Lowering springs? As you can see from my pic, mine is bone stock still. Appreciate the time and information.

      1. Anti
        How did you find me and decide to make an account just to message me?
        Sep 13, 2020
    2. Murphj01
      Hi are the wheels still available if so what is the difference between the two
      1. Anti
        One is snowflake design. One is five spoke design. The widths are the same on both. The offset is ever so slightly different but fit well. Same company and construction on both. The five spoke is just more popular and the higher demand causes the price difference.
        Oct 26, 2019
    3. jcox07
      I have a set of k w variant 3 coilovers that have just been revalved at the factory with two sets of springs and camber plates for 1500.00 and they came off of my 2010 gt500 and will fit any 05 to 14 and are normally 3400.00 ish new and will definitely make your car a lot better. If interested text my phone 865-660-1206 Jeff
      1. Anti
        I'll be sure to let you know when I am able.
        Dec 31, 2018
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