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    4.0 EGR modification (removing intake restriction)

    This seems like a good modification. Has anyone who has done this noticed an increase in power?
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    I Went To Fill Up, And I Noticed This

    It's the blackened crud that I was addressing. I've seen it before right below the filler nosal when I've accidentally spilled a little. However, I've never seen it on the door before. Thanks for the tip on removing the lanyard too.
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    I Went To Fill Up, And I Noticed This

    20190530_075106 by Benwhite911 posted May 30, 2019 at 10:53 AM Is there a reason I would see this?
  4. 20190530_075106


    Gas Filler
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    Increase Compression

    I know I need to stop chasing V8 performance with my six, and just do a swap already. And this will sound stupid, but for emotional reasons, I have to keep the car I have.
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    Steering and suspension issues

    If you're lowered, a bump steer kit is helpful. They're basically taller, stronger, outer tie rod ends. Since you're down there anyway, can only help.
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    Increase Compression

    Nice, thanks all. I knew there was a reason.
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    Increase Compression

    I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but because I don't know, I just have to ask. Why does a Supercharged Intake need an intercooler?
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    Increase Compression

    Pretty nice. Thanks.
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    Auto Shifter Problem

    I've never seen those parts sold individually. The unit itself isn't all that expensive though, and it might just be easier to go that route.,2005,mustang,4.0l+v6,1431309,interior,automatic+trans+shift+lever,10962
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    Increase Compression

    Thank you all for your input on this. I have the say, that was relatively painless, as I as expecting a thorough A$$ Whoopin. I'll get back to hypothesisizen new performance ideas, and I'm open to suggestions too. So feel free to get thinkin, and remember, there are no bad ideas.
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    Increase Compression

    Well, it's about that time again. This V6'er hasn't asked a stupid question in a while so I getting a little restless. If everyone could be so kind as to read the whole post first, then you can all take turns beating the sh*t out of me. I've been reading up a little on increasing compression...
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    What have you done to your mustang today?

    The Top Replacement is Complete. Well, it took a bit of time, but to the new top is on the car and is looking great. Check out the before and after. 20180704_111154 by Benwhite911 posted Aug 17, 2018 at 12:53 PM 20180813_074027 by Benwhite911 posted Aug 17, 2018 at 12:37 PM 20180813_074006 by...

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