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    1. 07SGT4743
      Question on the Whipple system. I have an '07 Shelby GT with the TR3650 5 speed (recently rebuilt to stock) with a dual disk clutch and T2R rear diff. Car is street driven and used in national level Autocross competition. No road racing, no drag racing. Do you think the transmission is capable of handling the power the supercharger would give (450 RWHP) or will it only last a short while? If the answer is that it wouldn't last, do you think a centrifical sc would be a better choice or would I have the same problem.

      Thanks for your help,
    2. 05sonicblue
      Hey buddy I'm looking for some phase limiters and springs for my heads picked up some JDM sterling supercharger cam shafts. I recently did my heads over and upgraded the springs but they don't have the seat lbs required 120lbs they need.
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