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Dec 7, 2012
Feb 16, 2010
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Dec 7, 2012
    1. Stang 5.0
      Stang 5.0
      sick ride bro trying to get ideas for mine
    2. queenbeeGT
      yea for sure! thank you
    3. queenbeeGT
      sick 5.0 caleb!
    4. HOLYWD
      lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im trying !!!!
    5. VTXFrank
      Where's the bikini pics damnit!!!!!!!!!? LOL!
    6. MR. 5.0
      MR. 5.0
      have you put neww wheels on it i just bought some black foose nitrous staggered 20s. 214 385 5664 ill send you some pics
    7. Inconsiderate
      Your car keeps looking better and better each time I see it.
    8. Surfstang2020
      okay cool thanks man i was just curious cause everywhere ive checked the only prepainted parts you can get are the rear spoilers or whole body kit from roush
    9. Surfstang2020
      hey dude where did you order that hood from prepainted? im looking at eventually getting a cowl as well and dont wanta have to go through all the hassle and cost of getting it painted at the shop, im gonna go with the roush rear spoiler but I can order those prepainted but what about the hood?
    10. Stangcrazygirl
      See what happens......
    11. mikestvn_66
      i aw that lol, just my luck and i will see what i need its in the shop but i want to do a lil coustom work on it while its there and the guy will work with me on swapping out parts because my used pats will be cheaper than his new parts! I was leaving work and still inparking lot drove maybe 2 car lenghts and some idiot was hauling ass and ran thru a intersection in the parking lot and we hit his drivers frt to my pass frt!
    12. mikestvn_66
      hey how is it going? i see you are dealing in alot of used parts now, My mustang was wrecked again and im looking for a new hood for it its a 07 but im wanting to put a shelby gt500 hood on it this time i dout i can find the hood i had on it again! Will a shelby hood fit on a regular mustang?
    13. TX_JC_GT
      where did you get the black fender badges
    14. HOLYWD
      lol good point ! haha been considering black as well , cannot decide . I do like the red . May be swapping grilles .
    15. Kidd
      cool, I kinda figured it had something to do with racing but didnt know it originated with Shelby. looks good on your car. You'll have to switch them to blue when you get in the Air Force...LOL
    16. Kidd
      this may sound like kind of a dumb question but what are the double stripes on the front fenders from or mean? i've considered putting them on my car because i like the way they look but dont know what there for.
    17. dinodynamite
      Hello, Are the oem front black floor mats pretty good? If so will you sell for $30 shipped to 30518 (atlanta ga.)? Thanks.I have a 05 Gt.
    18. Kidd
      just watched your youtube vids... LMAO at the very first one......"you don't even know the adrenaline..........CLICK" that sucks bro, glad to see you got it figured out though. car looks and sounds BAD @$$!!!!
    19. james432
      How much do u want for it
    20. Stangcrazygirl
      Please explain why you said that??? :/
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