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Jun 20, 2019 at 7:42 AM
Aug 22, 2010
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Marion near SAR


Cant Stop, Wont Stop, from Marion near SAR

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Jun 20, 2019 at 7:42 AM
    1. RT.513
      Right here what's going on
    2. nasty281
      So did you gain a considerable amount of power from pypes. How did the butt dyno feel lol
    3. Doug M
    4. 05stroker
      Jew where are you?
    5. UltraKla$$ic
      WHERE YOU AT?!?!?!?!?! lol
    6. weather man
      weather man
      Comp cams...Whoa Hooo powerpoint here we go! :)
    7. Doug M
    8. weather man
      weather man
      I wanted a giant robot shooting laser beams, but the cat image popped up. :)
    9. weather man
    10. weather man
      weather man
      BBR just accused me of THEFT!! Don't even think about it! LOL!
    11. Doug M
    12. KIMMER
      You got an email back from me and we've talked before about what the issue is. I have no problem with people speaking their mind, it's the nonstop BBR war you guys have going.....stop giving me an ulcer! LOL
    13. jewc75
      Kimmer didn't you once tell me in a pm that you would never ban or pink someone for speaking their mind??? Remember all of the conversations we had?? I do, you told me a lot of things which I believed were true, guess now that I'm pink youve changed your mind???
    14. jewc75
      Kimmer I know you got my email and I know you can read this. Go back and look at the post Dave posted and you will see that me and john were having a conversation about his life and the bullshit he has been going through. He was vague about some of it. After seeing his car on a lift and the motor out of it, things didn't make sense. I'm glad you can read my mind now. John is the only one from BBR that I ever had respect for. Ever notice when he post I don't say a lot of shit, but Steve on the other hand, thats another story. So leave me pink if you must. Prove your point, or whatever you feel your doing but imo you are making yourself out to look like the bad guy. As for the previous BBR bash threads ill say this, sorry for trying to protect your forum.
    15. jewc75
      Trust me I wish I could. I didn't even get a warning. Well whatever, it is what it is. Loyalty goes to the shady vendor and not to the ones trying to protect this awesome forum from them. All I can say is pray lol.
    16. mac10chap
      Holy hell James. Hurry up get rid of that pink shit.
    17. Greg Hazlett
      Greg Hazlett
      Wow....sorry to see that...hopefully the pink status ends soon....
    18. jewc75
      I guess you cant ask what happened to someone's car.
    19. mikeyfitz
      Lol pinked for the BBR thread
    20. Greg Hazlett
      Greg Hazlett
      WTF happened???? Why are you pink'd?????
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    Its as slow as 2 snails...........
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