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    1. thundr306
      Jim, your inbox is full!
    2. kcobra
      Hey this is Kraig Dumais. What do I need along with your 15% overdrive pulley to make it work on my Saleen? I've got the 2.87 upper pulley. Will I need to install an underdrive on my alternator?
    3. Surfstang2020
      Hows it going man. Im a big fan of what you guys are doing for Na cars. My best et so far is 13.7 @ 110mph, but it was as $%^& out there during mustang week here in myrtle beach( well we were at darlington dragway). I was hoping to run in the high 12's with my new cams in but everyone said they were running crappy times. I still need to get 4.10s in my car as well. Its an auto btw. But I saw the article on your car I believe in the all S197 issue of muscle mustangs and fast fords. Sweet deal man. What else would you reccomend for me to get in the 12's besides what I alreadu have done? ( slp loudmouths, bbr stage 1 cams, steeda underdrive pulleys, steeda shorty headers, jlt cold air and diablo tuner) I know the 4.10s would help greatly but what else? LOL Any help would be greatly appericiated.
    4. C-Liz-Go
      Seriously Junior, it's time you had a profile pic, dontcha think? How about a blower? That would be nice....
    5. Cali HP Addict
      Cali HP Addict
      Good morning Jim, I read that the Saleen PJ has a special under drive crank pulley to deal with the harmonics from the stroker motor. Is this true and can you get one? Thanks bro, Ryan
    6. Matt D
      Matt D
      Hey Jim, few weeks back I asked you to price me out the hole shot revolvers

      The front were the 1 piece 15" the rear were just the 2 piece like yours.

      I see they have the option of black, they show a pic of the front all black but the rear only the centre is black. Could you find out if they could make the rear rim pure black? lip included?

      Also I forgot what you told me for how much they cost -_-

      One last thing. Our dollar is really good right now so I would be saving if i bought them soon. If I decided to go ahead would you be able to bring this to rockingham? and I pick em up there?

      When you get a chance Jim , thanks dude

      your pm's were full so just shoot me a pm back please :P
    7. TexasKyle
      Well shit...I didnt realise I was putting that shit on the page...thought I was writing a PM..now everyone knows I borqued my intercooler pump plug!!!
    8. TexasKyle
      Hey Jim,

      Well, I run up on a parking lot divider and broke my intercooler pump plug. Do you have one you can sell me? Plug with a pigtail on it so I can splice into my loom would be awesome.

      Also, I need some oil for my Supercharger.

      Can you shoot me a quote for this stuff? I'm sure there are a few other things that I have been meaning to get, but can't think of anything right now.


      Kyle Maurer (AUTO!!!)
    9. ZmanM3
      Haha, no problem.
    10. ZmanM3
      Clear your PM's so people can send you new PM's!
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