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Aug 18, 2007
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Feb 4, 2021
    1. Doug M
    2. marcspaz
      Thanks bro... Ford actually already approved the new car and I am pulling the trigger. The dealer is just draggin' ass getting it done.
    3. Doug M
      Doug M
      Man! I did not know it turned out to be a lemon. Sorry Marc, good luck getting the new one!
    4. marcspaz
      They are trying to say there is a problem with the sales contract and the sales tax.
    5. marcspaz
      Yea, lots of surge and it still misfires a little. I was supposed to pickup the new car this week, but I think I am getting jerked around by the dealer. Now they are saying Wednesday or Thursday of next week.
    6. Doug M
      Doug M
      How has your ride been doing? Anymore problem codes?
    7. marcspaz
      LOL... just workin' At the office doing migrations now.
    8. Doug M
      Doug M
      Whatcha been up to:)
    9. marcspaz
    10. Doug M
      Doug M
      Hello Marc:)
    11. pullmeoverorange
      Hey marcspaz"s this is dallas have you got any info on that stall we got from you like is it a 3 disk what size stall it is I some how lost the paper work
    12. marcspaz
      Its funny you ask about wheels. I have had 6 sets on my car since 2007. The best race wheels for the money were from Race Star. The best street wheels I had where the Stack Racing wheels, which are on my car now. The Stack Racing are more well balanced and closer to "true round" than a set of high-end Saleen wheels.

      As far as the stall goes, I would go direct to Precision Industries ( I have had a couple of TCI's and I an not happy with those.

      Sorry I can't recommend a shop. Try to PM 2k05gt. He lived in NC for a bit. He may know a good shop.
    13. TheRookie65

      When I posted my time of 13.662 whith my 2011 v6 you said my next two mods should be drag radials and a stall converter. I should explain this is a daly driver and wondering if you could recomend a good set tires/rims, my car is the same color as yours but has black stripes and mustang written at he bottom. Also, can you recomend what type of stall converter and a good shop to install here in North Carolina?


    14. marcspaz
      I have not used it, but several people I know have with good results.
    15. Eleanor05
    16. marcspaz
      Go to your "User CP" and in the left nav pane at the very bottom, there should be a link... "Paid Subscriptions"
    17. Surfstang2020
      Hey btw I just joined this site and was wondering how to become a supporting member? This is one of the better car online forums that I have been on and want to help out any way I can ?
    18. marcspaz
      Thanks for the kudos man... yea they are GT4's. I have the same staggered sizes you are getting. I have the FR3 suspension system (very close to the fr500 setup, less the $8000 struts). The car is 1.75" lower than stock.

      I am running Toyo T1R Proxies on all corners. I have 295/35ZR18 103Y RD's out back and 285/35ZR18 101Y RD's up front. Best street tires I have had on the car, an I have been through 5 sets not including DR's.

      Good luck, you will like them.
    19. Surfstang2020
      I see your running the ford racing gt4s? I believe thats what they are, I just ordered a set of 18by10s rear and 18by9s for my vista blue gt coupe and was wondering tire setup you run and what suspension setup you have ? It looks good man
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