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Jan 2, 2019
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Jan 2, 2019
    1. Mustang30212
      Alot of the switches look simular to the 05-09. Never did one though.
    2. shelbie67
      hey, just saw the button swap to blue for another member. is this possible for a 2011? i'm located in CA.
    3. Mustang30212
      I bought the supercharger a while back. IRS not off a Roush car.
    4. yz85rider2002
      What all did you have to pull off the roush car to put the supercharger on your car? Just intake manifold and the charger itself?
    5. Ky S197
      Ky S197
      What do you charge for this.? Scott
    6. Ky S197
      Ky S197
      A friend of mine has a shaker 1000 in his car the headunit works perfect but nothing lights up, is this something you could repair. Thanks Scott mace
    7. Mustang30212
      The auto? Oh it!!
    8. Doug M
      Doug M
      You still loving the new setup?
    9. Mustang30212
      Have you had your battery disonnected lately? Have you tried to re-program them?
    10. CHAD
      What up bro?

      I got you to convert my switches to red a while back. The headlight switch had went out, and you sent another and has been fine since. My auto up for the drivers side went out being a vert my window will not go up after you close the door. The up on the convertible switch is also going out. Do you have some extras I could buy? Really need the window one ASAP since it will not go up all the way


    11. Mustang30212
      No sir...sold it a while back. Are you gathering the parts to do the auto conversion?
    12. Doug M
      Doug M
      Ron, you still got the IUP auto shifter?
    13. Mustang30212
      Got everything buttoned up yesterday. Having to chase gremlins now. ECU won't connect to the won't start etc.

    14. Doug M
      Doug M
      hows the conv. going?
    15. Doug M
      Doug M
      yea i was hoping it would be a little longer b4 you was ready, but i know you need the funds right now, so good luck. I wanted it , but i just cant swing it right now.
    16. Doug M
      Doug M
      Ronnie, awesome ride man!!
    17. sonicvert
      Yoe.. hey this is Dave Bachota. You set me up with a blue led conv last year. We had some issues with radio but yougot me taken care of. If you remember lol. I have another set to do in blue if your still doing that. I would like to send a couple of mine back also (I had a couple purple lights that slipped in if you remember... just let me know if you are able to do another set. Thanks..please include total cost and address again if its a go......hope all is well. Been rocky on my end..15745451980
    18. replacementrepl
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    19. KcMstang
      Don't got to join a club, just come to Sonic Friday/Saturday nights and see a few outcast of CCS out and about.
    20. Mustang30212
      She is. I also bought her a 67 Mustang of her own a while back. That kinda greased the tracks for
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    2005 Legend Lime GT Roush M90 Supercharger Tuned by Injected Engineering Brembos Up Front Eradispeeds Out Back FRPP K Springs CHE Relocation Brackets SpyderShaft 4" D/S 11.72 @ 116mph.​