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Dec 7, 2018
Apr 6, 2007
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Valencia, CA


billy badass, from Valencia, CA

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Dec 7, 2018
    1. StewFord
      Hello, I would like to list my car for sale but it says I don't have that ability? I have been a member for over a year but ?

      Thank you
    2. RGEN
      Whats up dude! Hey happened to look where you are from and it said Valencia. What a trip dude im out in the valley, Granada hills. How is your s197 treating you?
    3. SC2011GT
      Hey, hope you guys are having a good time out there today! Let me know when you get the videos up! Had fun yesterday
    4. ksack
      Can you please add a COTM? Besides tech, that is by far the best part of this forum!
    5. Ken3030
      Mark is running a th400 not a 4r70w
    6. 06iornhorse
      will you be updating the 1/8 mile spread sheet anytime soon.
    7. Vcoat
      Hey Paul,

      Just wondering if you get excessive cabin noise with you st motorsports intake. I watch you videos and it sounds good in cabin. Did you have to modify the firewall at all ?..Mine might be touching it so that could be contributing to the addtional noise from the blower..or could it be just the intake if very thin compared to the stock piece ...just curious what you think...and also are you still running the whipple monoblade ?...thanks for your time ...Vic
    8. 06min_gray
      i live in riverside if u have anything else 4 sale pm me
    9. dragpac
      can I get a picture in the 1/4 mile list photos,I've got a good one.
    10. psfracer
      Its a 4R70W good for 800rwhp.
    11. N20-S197
      Just noticed you have an AUTO. It has GOT to be rebuilt, because I'm at about half the power you are and my tranny is already going south. What have you done to it?
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    Home Page:
    Valencia, CA
    drag racing, mountian biking, rock climbing, kayaking


    Old set up from 2013:
    1/8th - 5.894 @ 119.70 mph 1/4 - 9.168 @ 149.65 mph all motor
    1/8th - 5.495 @ 127.715 mph 1/4 - 8.579 @ 158.78 mph 250 shot
    For 2018 - 616 CID all motor - hoping for 8.20s
    Best drag racing photos = @PaulFerchoPhotography on Instagram
    Paul Fercho Photography on FB
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