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    Too low

    Round. Magnaflow top, MBRP bottom. Both mandrel bent 3" Stainless:
  2. Sharad

    my setup what's next - 5.0

    Well, they're not drag springs, but they don't seem to be too detrimental to ETs... but I have a customer who runs 10s NA Auto, and I know he says the Viking shocks made a noticeable difference. He typically 60-foots around 1.50 on 275/60s.
  3. Sharad

    Lowered On 20's? Post Your Pics!

    Thanks man!
  4. Sharad

    my setup what's next - 5.0

    How about some Viking shocks? Is it still on the stock ones?
  5. Sharad

    Too low

    Yeah, the pro kit drop is a good all around setup. I wonder if the car has aftermarket exhaust. Some over the axle pipes interfere more than others. I'm running MBRP right now and they have have great axle clearance.
  6. Sharad

    new personal best :) Hello 1.2x 60 foots

    That's serious business right there. Nice work!
  7. Sharad

    Took my car to the track for the first time and...

    Tires alone will likely put that car in the low 13s.
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    Last day of our labor day sale!

    If the back to work blues are getting you down, order some Mustang parts. That always cures the blues! Use coupon code: LABOR15 and save 10% on ALL UPR MADE PRODUCTS!! This sale is good through September 8th
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    Shark Tales stance build version 2.0

    Congrats on the purchase! I'd like to buy a 911 one day. #BucketList
  10. Sharad

    Looking for comfort suspension setups

    I've tried many different setups. The most comfortable was Air Lift Performance. IMO, it's worth every penny.
  11. Sharad

    20x10 fronts to clear brembos on 2011 GT?

    I'm sure you could with a small spacer in the front. Maybe even without the spacer. The front fenders on the 10-14 cars are cut wide, so they actually look good with about a 5mm spacer in the front and the same offset wheels all the way around. Wait till you see the new rims! Pics should be...
  12. Sharad

    Tubular K-Member for a 2011 Mustang GT

    No surprise here, but my UPR k-member went on fine on my 2006 GT. I'm dying to put one on my 2011, but we're backordered at the moment. It's worth mentioning that we are constantly improving our design, and our next version will be the 4th iteration. When the k-members are back on the shelf...
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    Slipping the clutch vs. Dumping the clutch

    Dumping the clutch will just blow off your radials. If they were slicks, you could discuss dumping the clutch rather than slipping it. That said, slipping is gentler on the drivetrain.

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