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    2005-09 Stock Parts Free

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    07 Mustang GT SIGRTN

    Test between CMP connector pin 1 & 2, CMP connector pin 2 & ground, and CMP connector pin 1 & ground with PCM connector disconnected. Meter should read 10K Ohms or higher or OL. You're testing to see if the two wires are shorted together. Did you do DR13 correctly and measure the resistance of...
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    New 5r55 parts

    2nd on the PA pan if Jake doesn't want it
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    WTB Killer Chiller 05-09

    As title says WTB Killer Chiller for 05-09 Mustang.
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    Carbon Fiber Vented Hood SoCal ONLY!!

    Do you have a picture of it on the car? Who makes the hood? Is the vent functional? Is the fitment close to OEM? I'm very interested for $100 and live near Cerritos and can pick up any time you want.
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    Shaker Radio Antenna ?

    I'm pretty sure he's referring to the Metra Amplified Antenna.
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    GT 500 Fix-a-flat

    Interested if other buyer backs out. Has this been used?
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    Radio Power out?

    When I put in a powered antenna, I tapped into a 12v power. Edit: If it's the Metra Antenna, TacoBill did a walk through on this install before.
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    Thanks I'll check this out. It sounds like it's coming from the trunk and I've been trying to find the noise for about 2 months now. What would I have to do to fix this?
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    ABS Problem

    Go to the dealership. Most likely the ABS module went out or the connection got loose. I had this problem 3 times.
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    I'm getting a rattle around the passenger side rear at about 1750 RPM (Every gear but 5th). I've tried taking out the Shaker1000 subs and amps and it still causes the rattle. I've tried taping, zip tying, and even put cloth between the wires and exposed metal. The rattle is coming from the...
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    Parts for Sale

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    Electrochromic Compass w/Homelink, w/Temp. Display

    I've never heard from him so I think he sold or changed his mind or something

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