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  1. 08Stangg

    rear suspension rattle

    Yes! I was doing more research and you are correct it is the hole in the OEM upper control arm mount. UMI performance sells these step washers. The hole in the mount is 16mm and the step washer makes the hole 14mm.Thanks for the heads up Monkeyporn!
  2. 08Stangg

    rear suspension rattle

    Step washer on the bushing that connects to the mount? Also, where would the step washer be installed, both sides of the bushing? Lets me know if anyone figures this out, have a great day my fellow S197 owners
  3. 08Stangg

    rear suspension rattle

    I recently swapped my UCA, did the shocks cause the clunking? I have been trying to figure out aswell.
  4. 08Stangg

    Bay Area, California!!!

    Anyone out here in the bay area?
  5. 08Stangg

    "Plasti-Dip"ing wheels

    When you do just keep in mind that the longer you keep it on the harder it is to take off. I would say no longer than 6 months for easy peeling!!!
  6. 08Stangg

    What have you done to your mustang today?

    Drove her to the smoke shop to get a T-shirt, haha
  7. 08Stangg

    Bay Area, California!!!

    Hayward in the house
  8. 08Stangg

    Bay Area, California!!!

    Anyone from the bay area start posting!!!

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