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  1. Mike K

    S197 Crew - GTA 5

    I play it on 360
  2. Mike K

    S197 Crew - GTA 5

    Anyone still play this?
  3. Mike K

    '96 F250 PowerStroke Build (Another Ridiculous Build Thread Provided by Cam)

    Nice job on the truck. I have always liked that body style plus the 7.3 is a work horse.
  4. Mike K

    Hardy Har

  5. Mike K

    Vorshlag 2011 Mustang 5.0 GT - track/autocross/street Project

    Be sure to post updates of the C5 if you could. I'm curious what you do with that.
  6. Mike K


    Put it in a vette and piss them douchbags off.
  7. Mike K

    What are the new links at the bottom of every thread?

    Fuck this new owner in the ass with a 3 foot dildo!!!!!!!
  8. Mike K

    Twin Twins

    I have everything for my cam swap now but it's waiting until april.
  9. Mike K

    Official boss block build

    What year CTS V?
  10. Mike K

    Twin Twins

    Ya you betcha! I'm trying to get out of here and move to TX or AZ. The wife is more on board with AZ.
  11. Mike K

    Twin Twins

    FUCK YOU!!!! Come up here for a week. It doesn't get above freezing.
  12. Mike K

    Project Whitemare: The Tale of My S550 GT/PP

    Good looking car. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
  13. Mike K

    Vorshlag 2011 Mustang 5.0 GT - track/autocross/street Project

    This is all old news. I got realize from your Facebook. Lol There were some awesome cars in attendance at this year's event. I want to try my luck at Road America for next year's event
  14. Mike K

    My GT350 pics -- LA Auto Show

    I love this car and the starting number floating around is $52,995 which isn't to bad imo
  15. Mike K

    She has arrived

    That looks really good. Congrats.
  16. Mike K

    Official Photoshop Thread, Post here for help

    I like the other photoshop better
  17. Mike K

    Mickey Thompson Drag Radial

    Can tell you are new...smh
  18. Mike K

    Problems for Saleen?

    Sad for sure. They make the best looking stangs.
  19. Mike K

    AZ People?

    Good deal. Thanks!
  20. Mike K

    New Engine....scored cylinder walls, need diagnosis help

    Just seeing the updates here. That sucks balls. Will the builder help you out at all with any kind of warranty? (I may have missed it)
  21. Mike K

    Dear 11's, pleasure to finally meet you!

    I blame the good air... Awesome job Frankie!
  22. Mike K

    AZ People?

    It goes chop chop chop. Lol. I still need to talk the wife into moving. Which shouldn't be hard with the way winter started.
  23. Mike K

    AZ People?

    Sweet! I can still install my big ass cam and be fine?
  24. Mike K

    AZ People?

    So no tailpipe sniffer?

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