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    new exhaust issues - clunk/contact issue

    Thanks everyone for the advice. My thought of it being the exhaust was because all my suspension work was done prior to the new exhaust, then after the new exhaust I started hearing the clunk and rubbing. I have taken the car back to the shop, and they have adjusted, but nothing seems to work. I...
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    new exhaust issues - clunk/contact issue

    Honestly I don't believe they are adjustable. I don't believe it's the Panhard bar. It is a stock driveshaft. I'm just going to have to get it on the lift and be there when they look at it.
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    new exhaust issues - clunk/contact issue

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I have a 2005 Mustang Gt. All new suspension, Lowered 1.5" All new Borla cat back exhaust, Professionally installed. My question is, every time I hit a bump the exhaust scrubs/clunks the underside of the trunk area. I have taken it back twice now to have it...
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    On-Line Wheel Options

    not my car, but looking at putting these Saleen 20's on my 2005 GT Convertible, dropped 1.5" If anyone has concerns, please let me know. Thanks
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    2005 Saleen wheels

    New to the group, so please excuse me for asking this question..again. I am looking for a set of 7 spoke Saleen chrome wheels, and rear Saleen deck spoiler.. If anyone knows of a good source, please let me know. Also is anyone aware of fitment issues? My Car is a 2005 GT Convertable, lowered...

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