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  1. oldtexasdog

    05 to 08 rear rim same bolt pattern?

    I have been trying to find what rear rims can be switched between what years on a 2008 GT? I keep thinking somewhere I heard 05 to 09 would all be the same bolt pattern and off set?
  2. oldtexasdog

    Which new Alt & pulley

    I have had my PA alt on for 4 years now with no problems?
  3. oldtexasdog

    speaker/amp upgrade time

    I installed a Kenwood DMX7706S Media receiver with 4 6x8 JBL GX speakers and a Kicker CX 360 watt 4 channel amp. Installer put in a special little kit so I can still use the door subs without the thump. Been VERY happy. I am into my music weather at home or on the road. BTW I also installed a...
  4. oldtexasdog

    Which new Alt & pulley

    I installed a AM PA performance 130 amp (323.00) and a PA performance Prem wire kit (69.00) and I run 4 100 watt amps. Been very happy.
  5. oldtexasdog

    testing fuel pump(s)

    The injectors on a mustang typically need around 39 psi so put a pressure gauge on the fuel intake line.
  6. oldtexasdog


    Good Info!! Thanks
  7. oldtexasdog

    Weak starting, battery full

    I had a simular problem and after a lot of hair pulling found that I had a intermittent cell in the battery that sometimes tested good then would go bad. New battery fixed it. I had it tested several times and it tested good then one time finally not.
  8. oldtexasdog

    Power Passenger seat 08 GT

    So your saying the wires should be already there but I will need to swap out fuse panels? I have seen some bases lately on e. Thanks
  9. oldtexasdog

    Power Passenger seat 08 GT

    Hope I have the right forum? Has anyone installed a used power seat base on a non power seat passenger side. Problems ? Thanks
  10. oldtexasdog

    2005 Mustang Gt won’t crank

    I had the same problem on a 08 and it was the battery. It was fairly new but It had a bad cell and would show a full charge but the cell would go out intermittently
  11. oldtexasdog

    What is this for??

    I found out. It’s for adjusting the headlight. Thanks
  12. oldtexasdog

    What is this for??

    I just replaced my driver side headlight and noticed on the back (other side also) it has a second bulb plug marked 12V?? It has no bulb or wires going to it (Halogen lights) but it looks like it would illuminate the shark slits on the side of the light? 2008 Mustang GT Thanks
  13. oldtexasdog

    Changing out a Shaker 500 Head unit

    Well I went with a Kenwood DMX 7706S it looks like it has all the options I wanted and was in budget. Install went easy and it sounds great looks great to along with backup camera. Integrated with my I-Phone like it was made by Apple and having access to SIRI while driving is great!! Thanks...
  14. oldtexasdog

    IS there any advantage to 3.73 gear upgrade

    410's if manual get the Ford Racing-good fit and unless you have done this before have someone do it for you if you want to avoid whine as it requires special tools to set lash and clearance and experience.
  15. oldtexasdog

    Changing out a Shaker 500 Head unit

    OK with the help from you folks and Crutchfield I got a Kenwood DMX 7706S. Got the voltage regulator for 5V also. Thanks
  16. oldtexasdog

    Changing out a Shaker 500 Head unit

    2008 with a Shaker 500 Thanks all!
  17. oldtexasdog

    Changing out a Shaker 500 Head unit

    Would like Siri voice control and I use a I phone. SD slot Good EQ for great sound Easy controls. Single or Double DIN
  18. oldtexasdog

    Changing out a Shaker 500 Head unit

    I have been looking everywhere trying to get some current info on a good head unit currently made to replace my old one. I will be keeping the Shaker door subs and need hands free calling. Thanks
  19. oldtexasdog

    Shaker 500 door sub intermittent

    I also have this problem. What amps and speakers would you suggest for the door subs as the originals are a low impedance dual coil.
  20. oldtexasdog

    Shaker 500 Stereo Question

    so you would be better not replacing the door subs unless you want to get into a deep R&R
  21. oldtexasdog

    Shaker 500 Stereo Question

    Be aware also that the door subs are of a low impedance load that was matched to the amps behind the drivers side kick panel I believe.
  22. oldtexasdog

    Stock shaker 500 issue

    That’s what they do on this unit on U-Tube. Might as well replace the head unit at that point. Best head unit option anyone?
  23. oldtexasdog

    Stock shaker 500 issue

    I am having exactly the same problem and was wondering about the best fix along with how to get my CD’s out of the head unit?
  24. oldtexasdog

    06 GT Multiple Problems

    I would check the thermostat and the water pump.
  25. oldtexasdog

    Local Ford dealer ad on marketplace

    Maybe the stipes and were a dealer add on:rolleyes:

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