1. C

    2005 Mustang GT Running HOT

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2005 mustang gt and it runs very hot. I can feel the hot air coming out of the handbrake when I drive. I’ve had this car for a couple years now and nothing has changed. It has an S&B cold air intake installed. My coolant temp is normal, but my intake air temp is above the...
  2. Deondray M Allen

    Western Motorsports Intake

    I was wondering if anyone has the Western Motorsports Intake or at least had at one point. What's your opinion on it, is it worth getting an air ram style hood for? Also they no longer sell the whole kit, I emailed them and they responded by telling me there's about 50 pieces to this kit. I'm...
  3. Adomis63

    Intakes Systems... without a Tune

    Hey there guys Recently I had noticed a worn spot in my intake tube that may or may not be letting air in past the maf sensor. It's still been running great. Regardless, I've been interested in getting a fancy lookin CAI anyways to replace this with. I know the general consensus is to not...
  4. kona_302R

    Most Compatible cold air intake for 2011 GT Auto

    I bought a performance CAI half a year ago, it threw codes, and so I've been using the stock airbox ever since. The automatic mustang has different lines/ connections and it didn't line up with my cold air intake. What are some good cold air intakes that are proven to work with the automatic +...
  5. G

    Will Ford Racing manifold work with 65mm throttle body?

    I saw a QnA on American muscle where a staff member said the Ford racing intake manifold for the 3v can hold up to a 65mm throttle body. this got me thinking, I wonder if I could bolt on the Twin 65mm Ford racing cobra jet throttle body and make it work on my 07 GT? Both of these parts can be...
  6. PonyBoy

    Ford Performance Intake Manifold - Calibration/tune?

    So amongst other things, put a FP intake manifold wit the charge motion plate delete. How do you calibrate/tune car for that?
  7. Nick93

    Stock tune?

    Hey all. So i picked up my 06 gt about a month ago. It has the bama plaque on the dash and the guy included his bama tuner with the car. Since buying it I've added a muffler delete and a bbk high flow catted x pipe. Is there a way to know for sure if he flashed the car back to stock before...