wiring issue

  1. WasabiWarlord

    Issues w/ Speakers

    I've inherited my dad's old 2014 Mustang 3.7L Premium, and I'm trying to return the audio system back to stock after a sketchy install my dad was fleeced $2500 out of for. I've removed everything to include the aftermarket amplifiers, head unit, dash kit w/ AC controls, and related wiring. I...
  2. JECE_S197

    Coyote Swapped 08 Wiring Trouble

    Hey all! Sorry for the wall of text First off I'd like to say that this forum has helped me through the tougher spots of a Coyote Swap especially because this is my first time doing anything of this sort. I had initially started working on the swap starting March 2022 and had slowly chipped...
  3. I

    No crank No start full power non battery related

    Hello, I have a 2008 mustang GT premium. Was looking for a possible solution to a problem that is occurring. Had an issue with starting sometimes it would start fine then other times nothing at all. The car has full power and EVERYTHING works, The best way I can describe the issue, is that its...

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