05\06 engine wiring harness MT

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by whitmanink, Aug 27, 2021.

  1. whitmanink

    whitmanink Junior Member

    i need a 05\06 gt engine wiring harness for a manual trans ,, i cannot find any for the life of me , only thing i can find is some aftermarket one for almost $1000,

    anyone point me into some leads or the right direction?
  2. freeloader1969

    freeloader1969 Member

    Good luck with your search as they're getting super hard to find. BTW, you can convert an automatic harness to work with a standard, so you should be searching for both.
  3. 3nigma

    3nigma Junior Member

    Hitting up a junk yard is probably your best bet aside from building one.
  4. jlmotox

    jlmotox forum member

    Manual swap? I just reused my auto harness and added a couple wires, not hard…
  5. Ryan Payne

    Ryan Payne Junior Member

    hey man im currently in the process of manual swaping my car i have everything done and i connected the two wires that are supposed to bypass the nuteral saftey switch but the starter is still not working, did you have a similar issue?
  6. Parker Lewis

    Parker Lewis forum member

    I have a MT harness from a 2005. PM me if interested.
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