07 4.0 5 speed clutch

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    Resized_20190209_105722_2861.jpg i just bought an early 07 v6 with a bad clutch. i ordered a clutch kit from autozone and installed it only to find that the new tob was 3/16" shorter than the one that was in there after it was bled. i exchanged it and the second one was just as short. i believe that the transmission has been swapped due to the paint pen marks on the housing. ford was no help on iding the tranny by anything but the cars vin. i know that the clutches changed in the middle of 07 but haven't been able to find out what changed. can anyone tell me how to find what year this came out of?
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    Im ass-uming the 6 at the begining of the top number means its an 06 design. That being said it probably has no bearing on your issue, it sounds to me more like you need a shim for the slave which is pretty common.