1.4 amp draw - pulled fuse 56

Discussion in 'Tunes!' started by dancad, Jun 26, 2019.

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    My 2008 Shaker 500 CD player quit recently so I pulled the head unit and took the CD player out, put head back in. Ran fine for a few weeks then this am dead battery. Disconnected the negative terminal and with meter on 10 amp setting, probed negative terminal to connector and read a whopping 1.3 amps. Pulled fuse 56 and dropped to 0.15 amps

    Is it one of the amps, radio, or something else

    Checked inside fuse box and all looks dry and clean. Left that 20 amp radio fuse in
  2. Dino Dino Bambino

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    Fuse 56 is for the radio or SDARS, and parasitic battery drain is a common problem on cars equipped with the Shaker system.
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    Yeah, SDARS is Satellite Digital Audio Receiver Service(s).

    Fuse 16 is the Shaker500 Amps.
    6 and 9 are Rear Amps (Shaker1000).

    This drain is also common when an aftermarket system is installed incorrectly.
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    Thanks. I pulled 56 last nite and battery volts at 12.58 at that time. Four hours later 12.28, 8 hours later 11.8

    Checked amp draw and 0.35

    Pulled 16 and still 0.35

    Leaving neg terminal off and charging battery will check voltage after complete and during the day to eliminate battery

    What else could this be ?
  5. dancad

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    Pulled out the radio completely and still pulling 0.35 amps

    Will let it sit a few hours and will check again