14 gt rear end noise

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by cptjones, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. cptjones

    cptjones Junior Member

    Hey guys im brand new here. I'm trying to fix a whine in my 14 gt rear end. I read that 11-14s like to whine with gears higher then 3.55 and there's a good possibility that I have 3.73. I don't know for sure though. Any ideas on what might be making the sound? Also can anyone tell me how to decode the tag?[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Sky Render

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    Do you have any aftermarket suspension components back there? Heim joints can transmit more NVH into the cabin.
  3. Gabe

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    Second picture shows tag with 3.31 on it. Pretty sure that's the axle ratio
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  4. Grabber Blue 5.0

    Grabber Blue 5.0 forum member

    You have 3.31's.
  5. Lime1Gt

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  6. cptjones

    cptjones Junior Member

    We checked the oil in the diff it was full. I'm going to take it in. I got quoted for 1000 bucks for a total rebuild which isn't to bad. We listened to the chuck with a stethoscope and there's something very much make a noise in there so we shall see what they find. Car only has 30k on it which is why I can't believe I'm having this issue.

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  7. John Rullo

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    Welcome to S197 ownership. This is a known problem, that Ford does not acknowledge or have a TSB for.
    Everybody I have talked to has this problem. It is more noticeable with manual transmissions.
    It took me 3 visits to the dealer before they would even agree there was a problem. I think they were pushing me until it was out of warranty.
    They eventually replaced 4 bearings, but did not fix what was causing the clunking, jerking and bucking. So the new bearings lasted all of 50 miles before they started making noise again.
    My advise is to stay far away from the Ford Dealers, they are idiots, and go to a differential specialist and get it repaired properly. $1000.00 is about normal. While they are in there put in 3.73 gears, you wont regret it.
  8. cptjones

    cptjones Junior Member

    Hahaha I'd like yo but I'm a broke college kid lol. 3.73 will eventually be put in. In taking it to crucial motorsports. They pretty much rent out race cars for people to drive on the track seem like a good group of guys.

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