2008 Saleen Dan Gurney Mustang (026) for Sale

Discussion in 'S197 Mustangs For Sale' started by RareMustang, Dec 24, 2022.

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    I am a 30-year car collector and we're selling my son's '08 Gurney to help him fund his last two years at college.

    While Saleen planned to originally build 300 Dan Gurney Edition Mustangs -- but with the market crash of 2008, only 68 where built across all three colors (white, red, blue). This is one of 37 in Vista Blue. Unlike the Parnelli Jones PJ302 (which I've also owned), the Dan Gurney edition features a twin-screw supercharger that helps the 281 V-8 deliver 465hp to go with its Racecraft suspension and a long list of performance goodies (see attached image of Saleen Gurney spec sheet).

    We bought the car in May 2021 with 15K miles on it from a Maryland dealer owner who had it in his personal collection. Prior to that, the car was registered in Nevada. Since that time, we have put 16K miles on the car showing it at regional Cars & Coffee events and Texas Hill Country car club cruises (we live west of Austin). The car now shows 32K miles and comes with its original owner's manual and race numbers (two sets: magnetic + vinyl sticker).

    Under our ownership, we put new tires on the car and had a $1400 dealer service performed in February 2022:
    • Coolant system service
    • Drive belt replacement
    • Fuel injection system service
    • Cabin air filter replacement
    • Fuel filter
    • OEM wiper blades
    • Oil change
    Since July 2022, we've replaced the following mechanical/consumable items:
    • New throttle body ($934 parts & labor)
    • New alternator ($757 parts & labor)
    • New battery ($243 parts & labor)
    • New front brake rotors + pads, rear pads ($950)
    • 30K oil change
    The interior is in excellent condition with no damage and is smoke-free. We had the door panels professionally removed, cleaned and re-glued by a Ford authorized interior shop, as S197 Mustang leather door panels are notorious for de-lamination due to the poor glue used by Ford at the factory. I even made a black plastic 8” removable sunshade insert to sit above the A/C vents to further shade the Dan Gurney signature to prevent fading.

    Everything on the car is original, except the shift knob which was replaced by a prior owner with a Ford white ball knob. The M12-1.25mm threaded short shifter rod will accommodate a Ford Bullitt and other knobs (I am including a 80mm extension and adaptor nut that we purchased to accommodate the Bullitt knob). Saleen shift knobs come up for sale occassionaly on eBay.

    The car shows normal signs of wear from use: a few rock chips on leading edge of hood, bumper (filled with Ford touch up paint) and front spoiler. There is a 1" scratch on the right front wheel edge (was there when we bought the car), and a tiny door ding (filled with Ford touch up paint).

    The car is not a show car, but it drives/presents well and actually delivers slightly better MPG than the 14/20 on the window sticker (thanks to the new fuel filter and injector cleaning).

    Fairly priced at $39,500.

    Saleen Gurney spec sheet.jpg Gurney dash.JPG Gurney front.JPG Gurney interior.JPG Gurney nightime.JPG Gurney rear quarter.JPG Gurney rear.JPG Gurney right side.JPG Gurney side.JPG Gurney steering wheel.JPG
  2. Sactown

    Sactown Sactown

    cool car, glws
  3. John Logan

    John Logan Junior Member

    Good looking car, glws
  4. RareMustang

    RareMustang Junior Member S197 Team Member

    Thanks John.

    I don't check this forum daily, so I'm including my email for interested buyers:
    [email protected]

    Adding more pics here.








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  5. RareMustang

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    SOLD in March 2023 to a S197 collector who also has multiple Boss 302's, Saleen S281 and Shelby Mustangs.

    The Gurney went to a good home!
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