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    Just picked up a 2010 GT that needs a small amount of love. First is a title but that will come in next week. Second is a clutch. Got the shop lined up for that one. The one I am struggling with is the seats. The car came with some Ebay special "Racing" seats but I want to go back stock. Car is original cloth by looking at the rear seat and I kind want to stay with that due to the heat where I live.

    Right now the ABS light is on (solid, not flashing) but I have not scanned the car yet. A passenger ABS module (AR33-14B422-AB) is present and a bladder is mounted in the seat. Seat belt buckle is also wired. I can only assume it is all from the original. The driver's seat has the harness seat belt buckle and a position sensor. Air bag sensor wires were unplugged, both sides (no airbag in seat). Today I jumped the two wires with a 2 ohm resister.

    So for the fifty questions: I have been told that mechanically, seats 2005-14 will fit but only 2010-12 will work electrically. Does anyone know if the 13-14 will work electrically? Is the 2ohm resister the correct size for the seat airbag or does it follow the early models using a 7 ohm? Also I found 12 volts in the plug under the driver's side. Does that mean electric seats are a plug and play?
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