2014 P0345/P0349 Help!!!

Discussion in '2011+ Mustang GT 5.0L Tech' started by ksack, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Have a 2014 F-150 motor in my project truck but wiring is mostly same same. I've been having cam sensor issues for about a year now. Main codes are P0345 and P0349 for the CMP21 sensor. The truck runs and drives fine once moving, but I'm unable to get up on the 2 step beyond 2500 rpm and I think the computer is not happy with whatever the cam is or isn't reporting. I'm running the diagnostic tree (linked below) and have found 2 weird things that raise suspicion:

    1- Test DR6. Tested CMP 21 as well as CMP 11, and both had resistances of 6 megaohms, well outside the 250-1000 the book calls for. The truck isn't throwing any codes for CMP11.

    2- Test DR9. Tested both CMP21 and CMP11 connectors. Both CMP wires had 4.9v and 0.5A when connected to ground. Per the book that would mean an short circuit, but my knowledge of how the 5v reference works and the linked diagram, the CMP21 pin should not be seeing any voltage without it being connected to the sensor?

    Anyone have any insight on what my issue may be?

    Diagnostic tree
    https://s197.lima-city.de/index2d64.html?591&viewfile=Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor.pdf

    Wiring Diagram (page 4)
    https://s197.lima-city.de/indexb409.html?710&viewfile=024 - Electronic Engine Controls - 5.0L.pdf
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