3.5L F150 EcoBoost HPFP FlexFuel Tune Release!

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    Livernois Motorsports is now releasing it's Flex Fuel upgrade system for the 2015-2016 F150 equipped with the 3.5 EcoBoost engine.

    This system allows for use of all ethanol blend pump fuels up to full E85, all without the need of switching tunes, or manually checking ethanol content each time you fill up. Years of R+D have resulted in this upgrade system to allow your F150 to have true OEM-style flex fuel operation, allowing it to adjust the calibration to recognize and accommodate any amount of ethanol in the fuel system up to, and including 85%.

    Featuring our Firestorm Upgraded High Pressure Fuel Pump and MyCalibrator tuner, this complete system allows for functionality people have been clamoring for for years, all while ensuring the safety, performance, and reliability that is the corner stone of the Livernois Motorsports line of products.

    These charts below show the loss in fuel pressure with the stock pump vs. the corrected pressure issue with our Firestorm HPFP.

    Stock Flow

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    Livernois Motorsports Firestorm HPFP

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    OEM vs. Firestorm HPFP - LPH

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