4.6 3V to 5.4 4V engine swap DTC’s - need help!

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  1. white_lightning

    white_lightning forum member

    Okay guys I know a bunch of members have done the 5.4 4V swap and I ran into some DTC’s that I’m hoping you guys can help with. The car runs and sounds good so that’s exciting.

    2007 GT manual swapped to a 2007 GT500 5.4 4V with TR6060

    I have the following 4 DTC’s

    - P1000
    - P1229: intercooler pump driver malfunction
    - P1234: fuel pump driver module offline
    - U2011: ABS CODE

    P1000 - not worried about

    P1229 - the GT500 uses the headlamp harness to incorporate the inter cooler pump, I can’t use the GT500 headlamp harness because it doesn’t tie into my body harness properly. I know most guys have just wired the pump into a key on power source. But how will I get rid of the DTC?

    P1234 - the GT was a Whipple car. So I already had the FRPP GT500 dual fuel pump system. I assumed the GT500 would recognize the second driver module that was installed but that does not appear to be the case

    U2011 - the driveshaft isn’t in the car so I’m 99% sure it’s related to that not too worried about this one. But maybe it’s more than that I removed another member needing the GT500 ABS module if I recall correctly.

    Swapped items
    - 5.4 4V engine and engine harness
    - TR6060
    - PCM and fuse box

    Please help!

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  2. white_lightning

    white_lightning forum member

    Crickets.... BUMP.

    Nobody knows anything??!

    Okay. Well I’ll start tearing apart the car for the Shelby donor body harness...

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  3. 06GT500

    06GT500 Junior Member

    Hey I'm in the middle of the same swap

    Differences are it's a 2006

    I used stock GT computer, gt500 motor and gt500 engine harness, and I'm running into power issues, I've been told to go back to 06 engine harness, I've also read online the 06 computer wont run the 5.4, so not sure which route to take, seems to me I like need the full body harness also! Already have GT500 computer. So hopefully body harness will be the last thing. LoL

    And about the fuel system, I also had the GT500 fuel system and really didnt want to figure it out, went to Return style fuel system, deleted the Fpdms, solved that issue.
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  4. 06GT500

    06GT500 Junior Member

    I actually thought I had it all figured out. The car is running, and sounds great

    Went to the dyno yesterday
    (HPP Motorsports)


    VMP Gen2r
    Twin 67mm TB
    VMP heat exchanger w/fans
    Fluidyne Triple core radiator
    Kooks Long tubes and X pipe
    Innovations 10% lower
    VMP 2.4 upper
    123mm JLT
    Return style triple 320s
    One peice drice shaft
    MMR oil cooler kit
    Alternator relocation

    701rwhp and 666rwtq on 93 octane were the best numbers we saw, but we stopped because it just wasnt right, it was shutting off on its own, high in the power around 5800rpms

    When I figure out this electrical nightmare, I will see how much she puts down eating E85
  5. white_lightning

    white_lightning forum member

    Been tearing apart both cars. Today is body harness swap day... hopefully I can get the GT back together today and see what I’m up against.

    In other news this little beauty showed up:

    I couldn’t say no to $1500 Canadian for a TVS, Elbow, Throttle body and factory 2013 GT500 intake (will be selling as the JLT 123 is en route). Just need 13/14 GT500 injectors before I slap the bigger blower on.

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  6. ILW84U

    ILW84U Senior Member S197 Team Member

    I am curious to hear when you find out the cause of this. Many years ago I had the same issue that resulted in a blown engine. Never did find out the cause so the car went back to stock & was sold.
  7. white_lightning

    white_lightning forum member

    Car runs. No CEL. Complete wiring swap:
    Body control harness
    Dash harness
    Engine harness
    Headlight harness.

    Have an SRS and TCS light on but I’m sure it’s because I have no seats and no driveshaft.

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