4.6 3V Whipple parts

Discussion in 'WTB Items and/or Parts' started by Joe combs, Oct 18, 2022.

  1. Joe combs

    Joe combs Member

    I know these are pretty scarce parts but looking to see if any of the members had any parts laying around from the 2.3 140ax whipple setup that whipple sold (for the 05-09).
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  2. Joe combs

    Joe combs Member

    What do you have ??? Pics of what you have
  3. Joe combs

    Joe combs Member

    859 area code ...
    a few more pictures would help.... tried to text.. no reply
  4. DieHarder

    DieHarder Senior Member


    If interested I have a 3.25" 10 row 4-bolt blower pulley for a whipple. It was included in a box purchase several years back. No other Whipple parts; just the main pulley. Good condition. Just been sitting on a shelf for several years. Nice piece. Couldn't bring myself to throw it away so if anybody needs it I'll take $40 for it/cover the cost of shipping.

    Whipple 1.jpeg Whipple 2.jpeg

    Whipple 3.jpeg

    BTW, there's a 2.3 Whipple head unit on feebay (looks mostly complete):

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