A bit of bad news for some of us ….

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by crjackson2134, Jul 17, 2021.

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    I do not see this working in the real world, and the author did say he heard about it on Facebook. So that's a giant red flag right there. Facebook is the same place where it was postulated that pedophile, cannibal lizard people run the western world out of a pizzeria in DC.

    Checking PCM calibrations via a checksum would be an extremely challenging undertaking, as calibrations are continuously evolving for any given vehicle for several years. Maintaining a database of all iterations for just a single vehicle for a single year for a single OEM would be daunting, if not impossible. Not gonna happen.
  3. weather man

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    It's for real, Cally does really hate modders that much.
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  4. Iceman62

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    Thank God I was only stationed there once, back in 88-91.
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  5. crjackson2134

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    I just hope that the other states don’t follow their lead. It would by pretty expensive to un-modify my car.
  6. Norm Peterson

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    Same thing that's been making the rounds over on other forums the last few days.

    Right now, you're still golden if your tune has a CARB EO#. Though you might need to stop at a referee station or whatever other facility can deal with non-production tunes.

    On edit . . . not that I needed yet another reason to never move to CA.

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  7. spectreman

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    I live in a state where we respect FREEDOM and we also don't have annual vehicle inspections.
  8. blackjack07

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    It gets worse. Performance parts for tuned vehicles are/will be blocked for sale to residents of CA unless the vehicle is pre 1966 or for "off road" use only.
  9. Rugermack

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    Cali sucks
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    Perfect example. Edelbrock moved to Mississippi after all these years. The claim it was because of Space X hiring too many machinists and utilizing there employee pool. I am sure the EPA had a lot to do with that decision as well.
  11. weather man

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    EPA has said the "off road use" designation will not protect them from prosecution.
  12. tjm73

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    Edelbrock was sold to a parent company that is based in Mississippi. Makes total sense to move some of the jobs (shared functions) there to "headquarters". Foundries still exist and function in Cali. For how long remains to be seen. From things I've read Edelbrock hasn't shipped ANY aluminum products in months.

  13. 86GT351

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    They moved it to the Comp Cams property whom they own.
  14. tjm73

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    Edelbrock is owned. That parent company bought the Comp Group. In the article it's clear that the headquarters functions moved. That aligns with consolidating similar business functions, like accounting and raw materials sourcing, etc...

    "Industrial Opportunity Partners (IOP) acquired Edelbrock in 2010, and recently made headlines by also acquiring the COMP Performance Group (CPG) – including COMP Cams, TCI Automotive, FAST, ZEX, Inglese, and others. Edelbrock is moving to merge its operations with CPG."

    I guess it's really a po-TAY-to po-TAT-o thing. But I suspect it's really about reducing costs to improve profit, improve cash flow and allow for future product development.
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  15. jewc75

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    Space X is in Texas
  16. 13v6

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    That's true, well, their launch facility is in Texas but their headquarters is in Hawthorne, CA and they're also in Vandenberg Space Force Base.

    As for the tunes, I was wondering if you would pass if you put the factory tune back on. Of course, if you're mods NEED a tune, this might not work but I don't know what kind of mods CA allows even.
  17. Mustang Mike

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    Screw CA! They are a joke!
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  18. 06 T-RED S/C GT

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    California aka the communist state of America!
  19. BottleRocket

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    Smog check, what's that? I haven't had to have my car smogged in 30 years, ever since I moved to ARIZONA.
  20. GlassTop09

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    Roadside smog inspections surprise some drivers - YouTube
    I can see how the state can use this data that the BAR gathered from these to determine the % of total found spot check smog test failures were related in some way to tune CVN\Cal ID changes....can easily see the state taking a vehicle's failed spot smog test VIN then pull up that same vehicle's latest reg passed smog test result to check the passed tune CVN\Cal ID checksum against the failed spot check test CVN\Cal ID checksum to determine this (thus the state acquiring hard evidence proving the practice of switching tunes back to stock to go thru smog test then switching back to modded tune after passage for the next 2 yrs....rinse, repeat) over the years of this type of data gathering.

    They ain't doing this for grins & giggles..................

    Has nothing to do w\ the actual tune files within.....just purely coincidental comparative numbers of total spot smog test failures (the only ones the state cares about) showing a high enough % number of tune file CVN\Cal ID checksum changes from the OEM CARB-approved factory CoC (certificate of compliance) tune file CVN\Cal ID checksum for the particular vehicle VIN's PCM is all that would be needed for evidence of issue.

    I know this isn't very popular to say, but I don't see the state of California just coming out of the blue concerning % of tune CVN\Cal ID change vs total number of failed vehicle smog test results thus the resulting recent crackdown on tune changes.......unless the tune being used has a CARB EO# attached to it.......
    They would have to have enough evidential data to back them up in court to implement this IMHO.....

    This video evidence is very telling from my POV.......
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