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Discussion in 'Pictures and Videos' started by vxr500, May 26, 2020.

  1. vxr500

    vxr500 Junior Member

    I have an eBay special gt500 spoiler on my 2010 GT that I decided to add a gurney lip/flap to. It’s a factory flap, but the spoiler had no attachment points. So I ground down the dowels and used heavy duty 3M automotive tape to attach it. Not sure if it’ll hold under pressure-guess I’ll find out!



  2. bujeezus

    bujeezus forum member

    I kinda dig it.
  3. nawagner

    nawagner forum member

    As long as you used the automotive 3M it should be good. If it does come lose, when you reapply get some adhesive promoter to apply before the tape.

    I like it!
  4. 1950StangJump$

    1950StangJump$ forum member

    I like it, also.
  5. 1 Alibi 2

    1 Alibi 2 If not today, when ??????

    Had an 11 with no Gurney Flap.

    My 14 does have the Gurney Flap.
  6. Olerodder

    Olerodder Junior Member

    The OE is held on with 3M tape, and it held up to quite a few 1xxmph corner carving. old Mustang2.jpg
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  7. kerrynzl

    kerrynzl forum member

    If you want to up the game in Adhesives use a Bostik product called "Simson ISR 70-03" or "Bostik ISR 70-03"
    It is a single pack that comes in a cartridge tube .............and Cheap.[$10-$15]

    I've used this to glue Aluminium Diamond Plate deck onto a steel trailer AND also the fenders and fender backs [I stand on them]
    Ideally it needs approx. .030" of clearance between the 2 pieces .
    So I used dabs of 2 sided tape every 12" to maintain clearance while the glue cures.
    The glue is used to hold the bumper cover and turn signals on the front my race car [it sees 160 mph]

    I tested it on 2 pieces of steel offcuts that were powder coated. After I left it to cure, I crowbarred the pieces apart.
    The glue literally ripped the powder coating off the parent material [the glue itself held on]
  8. Vorshlag-Fair

    Vorshlag-Fair Official Site Vendor Official Vendor

    A Gurney flap on a lay down cosmetic spoiler... wow. This is, in essence, a "spoiler on a spoiler" ;) - this explains what this is for, from Dan Gurney himself.

    A wickerbill is meant to be used on a WING ELEMENT to increase downforce (and it adds drag) at low speeds.


    Some modern wings have these where they are removable, and you take them out at higher speed tracks. This was on a 72" wide x 14" AJ Hartman aero carbon wing on the back of a '69 Camaro tube frame race car we built.


    In case anyone cared. Since this is in "General" it is a high probability this is just for "Scene points".


    If you care about aerodynamics one tiny little bit, the corner carves sub-forum here has a lot of good info in it. ;)


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