Discussion in 'PACAF- Pacific' started by ncpower08, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ncpower08

    ncpower08 Junior Member

    So is there any mustang guys in AK. I got orders up here and hate every min of it. Maybe so mustang get togethers would cheer me up. I don't have my stang up here. It is in storage in NC being taken care of by a trusted friend. Even being up here I can't stop byeing parts for her tho. Guess why its called the Looking forward fro some info.
  2. onebadgsx

    onebadgsx Senior Member

    should be quit a bit of stangs up there, i too used to live there and still have friends up there with stangs. there was a decent car scene in anchorage fri and sat nights
  3. Fantas

    Fantas forum member

    Just picked up orders for Anchorage and I will br bringing the car with me in a trailer. If your car makes it up there we can find someplace to exceed the speed limit during the three months of summer.
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