AMSOIL Firearms Cleaner and Lube

Discussion in 'The Armory' started by ixtlan, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. ixtlan

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    This is kind of a review you might say...
    AMSOIL introduced a firearms cleaner and lubricant.
    They are separate products you should know.
    I purchased a can of each and gave them a try out.
    Cleaner worked great and actually dug out some carbon and copper fouling I was unaware of in my military shooters. (I love to shoot my Mausers and Enfields among others)
    Cleaner however is just that. A Cleaner.
    It should not be used as a wipe down lube.
    Because although I bet it is great as a protectant it leaves a really light white film on barrels and parts that get hot when shooting (really light but you can see it).
    That said; just do your final wipe down with the Lubricant and no film.
    But damn the cleaner literally dissolves gunk, rust, and carbon and comes in a spray so it gets into those little crannys like a foam.
    The Lube comes in spray and squeeze bottle.
    I expect it to be up to AMSOIL standards and actually seemed to smooth-out the bolt actions a bit.
    As far as long term storage time will tell.
    My rifles bayonets and guns ect are cleaned and lubed up for the winter and I will watch them to see how it does as a long term storage lube.

    Well there it is...
    For what its worth.
    (I did get four more cans of each because it is impressive stuff)
  2. Greg Hazlett

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    Not sure if you are a dealer for them, if not I am and can get it cheaper for you and anyone else interested.
  3. ixtlan

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    Not a dealer at all.
    I do have the proffered customer discount, but don't sell anything.
    Just my own use.
  4. texasvoodu

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    have to check it out I use Frog Lube currently
  5. JJ427R

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    I'll check that out. My father always used 3 in 1 household oil on his guns, that stuff works really well as both cleaner and lubricant. I'm currently using the Remington stuff, Rem Oil Teflon Lubricant and Brite Bore Solvent and Choke tube cleaner.