An Electric Car Worth Looking At!

Discussion in 'Mustang Chit Chat' started by AboStangster, Jun 15, 2022.

  1. AboStangster

    AboStangster Junior Member

    I saw this and had to look twice. Ford engineers should have spoken to these folks before designing the Mustang-E.
    An electric car I would buy LOL...
  2. DieHarder

    DieHarder Senior Member

    Nice...needs an add'l 100 ponies and extend range to 350 miles and I might consider it (sacrilege I know). Still, probably can't afford it. Not paying for an electric car that costs as much as a house.
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  3. GriffX

    GriffX Member

    Here in Germany the kWh at a fast loader costs 1€+ and at home 45ct. Prediction for 2023 is 60ct. A nice view in your future.
    Fuel is 7.75 $/gal. Our green-communist Government wants to lower the number of cars to 150/1000 citizens. Now its 500.
  4. Dino Dino Bambino

    Dino Dino Bambino I have a red car

    Just Tesla swap your S197 instead. It's been done already and it would cost you far less. The builder called it the Testang but I would have called it a Muskstang instead. ;)

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  5. Robert Larimer

    Robert Larimer Member


    LOL is right. The cars start at 350,000 British pounds. That is well over $400,000.
  6. LikeabossTM

    LikeabossTM forum member

    I put so few miles on anything these days that i could only recoup the investment in electric if it were a stand-up scooter (and don't think i haven't seriously considered it along with some modding ideas to keep it interesting as a grocery getter).
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  7. redfirepearlgt

    redfirepearlgt forum member

    hybrid is the more logical solution until people realize the load that an all electric car concept cannot be supported by the current electrical network. alternative power solutions like wind and solar cannot match current natural gas and coal electric and nothing is more efficient than nuclear. get out of 1970s and move past 3 mile island if you wish to make a serious effort to electric transportation. unless cold fusion is cracked this is the only logical answer to a left tard clean nvironment. fire the waste into space at mars and screw anything living there really is.
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  8. AHaze

    AHaze Member

    This is pretty much my eventual plan to replace our current DDs. New vehicles (including EVs) are all too complex for my liking and I have no interest in a vehicle that requires a 24/7 internet connection to the manufacturer. I've amassed a collection of five reasonably reliable 10-20 year old vehicles that I can still get parts for and repair myself but that won't last forever.
    Ripping the drivetrain out of a totaled modern EV and running it off of a standalone computer in the body shell of my choosing looks like it may be my only viable option in the not so distant future.
  9. AboStangster

    AboStangster Junior Member

    You may have all missed the LOL, but regardless, I agree that EVs are still years away... if you really want a new modern hand built classic Mustang (if you don't want to build it yourself and are rich, Not me), Revology Mustang is the way to go.
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  10. AztroRover

    AztroRover Junior Member

    Yes, electrifying my current stable would be all I am interested at the moment -if I had too. But the second/better half (so very progressive, sadly) is
    talking an EV, -not for me. Obviously. Of all, the BMW I3 has a gas powered on-board charger/ generator. Like the ones you get to power your RV off-grid. That's all. I would allow
  11. Rugermack

    Rugermack Junior Member

    Make sure warranty is good for as long as you own ev, batteries are expensive
  12. AHaze

    AHaze Member

    Everything on newer vehicles is expensive, IC or electric. 10 speed transmissions, variable geometry turbos, high pressure direct injection and everything else required to make an IC engine pass emissions and fuel economy standards these days are all $$$$$.
    I haven't had a vehicle with a warranty in 20 years and I don't expect any EV I may buy or build to break that streak. The batteries are rebuildable and, unlike all the crap attached to a modern IC engine, not particularly complex.
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