Annoying rear squeak

Discussion in '2011+ Ford Mustang V6 3.7L Tech' started by mist82, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. mist82

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    Hey everyone,

    i have a problem that is driving me insane when i drive the car. i have this annoying rear squeak when i go over uneven pavement. some year or so ago i changed almost whole suspension with Eiback Pro kit (shocks, struts, roll-bars with links and mounting hardware) and some 6-7 months ago my panhard bar with non adjustable (this was a mistake i have to move my drivers wheel mayne 1/2" to the right as it shifted), and non adjustable RLCA. as i hear, and read, its usually something on the rollbar, links or bushings or something, so i took all that crap off, greased the shit out of it, and its still there. I believe it gets worse when its warm as the rubber warms up. This is a rubber squeak, not a metal one. I put my car on the ramps, and than pushed the whole rear end up/down from under it, and i can hear it, and it isolates itself to the passenger rear side. it sounds like its coming from the shock. is it possible that shock can cause this sound? havent seen anyone had a shock make this crappy noise. planing to take the shock off, and re-grease the panhard bar and LCA bushings, even tough there is no way it comes from them, it doesnt sound like it is.

    Any help? Or maybe previous experience?

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  2. Editor

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    Having the same problem with similar mods. It only happens going over speed bumps or a quick dip in the road. Can’t figure it out.
  3. mist82

    mist82 Junior Member

    I am still in the same place brother. No change. Had to learn to ignore it. Wasted too much time.

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