Any movie buffs or movie goers?

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  1. habu

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    I watched a trio of "bad christmas" movies last night with a bunch of friends

    Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    The Dangerous Christmas of Little Red Riding Hood (feat. Liza Minelli)
    Christmas on Mars (the Flaming Lips).

    The first two were pretty much set to freaky music and no sound from the movie, which made them even better.

    and the Flaming Lips movie was very, very strange. Although the high point was the marching band and what their heads were replaced with.....

    One of the best ever, yeah it's not a "movie" in a sense, is Band of Brothers. Get the 5.1 really working with the Carentan episode. Incredible.

    Another Really good movie is Downfall.
  2. Redwolf

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    The reason I like the movie a lot is A) it is based on actual events, and B) the bravery, character, pride and sacrifice of the small Army. They fought for what they believed in at any cost.

    One of my favorite parts of the movie is where they built a wall out of the dead bodies.
  3. maxpayne

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    The day the earth stood still sucked really bad.Dark Knight is really good movie:thumb:What do you think about the trailers for 2012 and the new Terminator?Those will be a must see
  4. maxpayne

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    The guy that make the 300 have a new movie coming up really soon-The Spirit.Which I think is not gonna be that good
  5. Bingo

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    Some recent ones I liked were No Country for Old Men, There Will be Blood, and Michael Clayton. Role Models was pretty funny.
  6. psfracer

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    Yeah, 300, Gladiator, and Dark Knight are my favorites.

    300 was awesome, amongst other things I really liked the photography.
  7. maxpayne

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  8. Charlie Sheen

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    LOL, I've seen that. The little 9 year old girl is Pia Zadora before she blossomed.
  9. Redwolf

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    Thanks for the info on the upcoming Spirit movie, I think I'll pass.

    Gladiator was a really good movie also. Three words stood out in that movie that I like.....Strength and Honor.
  10. maxpayne

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    As far as "based on real event" I watched a show on the discovery chanel about movies and the storyes that they were based on and the gladiator story was totaly made up,they were saying that the history perods there were totaly mixed up.Like characters were put together there which in fact were living in a differnce of centurys or something like that.And other than the emperor none of the other ones even existed as names.But hands down really good movie:thumb:
  11. Redwolf

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    Has anyone seen the ORIGINAL "Gone in 60 Seconds"? The recent altered version with Nicolas Cage was OK, but classic has a lot of action and stunt driving that makes it superior.

    Speaking of race movies, the Cannonball Run series of some years back was one of my favorite movies during that time. Only the men with "age" under their belt remember those movies well. I was young, but loved them back then, non stop action.
  12. Haze28

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    The only movies I have seen recently are- The new Saw(5 I think?), that was horrible, the plot is old and unchanged and the only thing the director of that movie series is out to do is gross you out. I won't be seeing the next one.

    Step Brothers- this was an amazingly funny flick, one of Will Farrells best.

    Dark Knight- One of the best movies made in the last 5 years period.
  13. Dex

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    saw Yes Man this weekend. Very funny
  14. maxpayne

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    do u want redbull,redbull's goood,redbull,redbull
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    Yep. In first grade at the theater with my older bro. When the chase scene started the theater employees piled in the back to watch it. I recall the auditorium itself was pretty filled. I have it on tape. Watched right after I got it 15? years ago. Man, what a suck ass film. Fell asleep before the chase and after it was over before the credits rolled. Havent watched it since.

    I saw ALL those "car movies" first run in theaters. God Bless my Dad (and Mom on at least one occasion as well as bro a few times) for taking me to see them, some of which were horrid, for them.

    Supervan (bro)
    Convoy (Dad?)
    Corvette Summer (Dad)
    All the Herbie movies (Dad)
    SuperBug? A British Herbie ripoff that Mom made sure I knew sucked
    Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (Dad and bro)
    GISS (bro)
    Mad Max (bro)
    Funny Car Summer (bro)
    Road Warrior (Dad)
    Breaker, Breaker (Dad)
    Love and the Midnight Auto Supply (Dad)
    Cannonball Run 1 and 2? (Dad)
    Gumball Rally (Dad)
    Cannonball (not the same) (Dad)
    Smokey and The Bandit 1 and 2 (Dad)
    Eat My Dust (the whole family, at the drive in, no less and as I recall an insane thunderstorm hit during the movie)
    Grand Theft Auto (no, not the video game, WAY before) (Dad)
    Hooper (Dad)
    Return to Macon County (Dad)
    White Lighting (whole family, I think, at the drive in)
    The Great Smokey Roadblock (Dad)
    Speedtrap (Dad)

    And others I cant think of. A David Carradine? flick about a stolen, black 57 Chevy that crashes through a showroom glass window, (Dad), a movie about all kinds of offbeat racing, such as swamp buggies, cant remember the name Wheels?, Dirt?, wish I could, havent found anything that fits it. Id like to find it, it was a cool show, (Dad) and others Im sure Im forgetting.

    As far as stuff I like now, to wit:

    The typical guy stuff, war, action, crime & cop shows, dramas, most horror & esp sci fi. I like comedies but not dumb shit like Adam Sandler or that stupid, dead, fat fuck Chris Farley. Good stuff like Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, etc. Naturally, I dont do chick flicks. However, I do like Always, Ghost & City of Angels.

    Top 5 fav films are: Mad Max/Road Warrior, Thief, The Andromeda Strain (havent seen the new one yet), Ice Station Zebra & both versions of Fail Safe but the original is best. Others I like are: Jaws, Air Force One, just about any Clint Eastwood or Gene Hackman film, the Lethal Weapon series, the Die Hard series, Excalibur & just about any sword fighting film, Blade & naturally gobs of others. I hate Titanic (except for the crash scene), Pretty Woman & Jerry McGuire.
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  16. JimmyD

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    I recently saw "Mongol" on DVD. A good movie about the life of Ghengis Khan. Subtitled in English. Cool battle scenes!
  17. maxpayne

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    THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON:clap::clap::thumb::thumb:
  18. maxpayne

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    Although I think that Brat is lil' fag,the movie was REALLY good!!Must see on the big screen so you can appriciate the make up and all the decors.
  19. ZmanM3

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    I think the "Blair Witch Project" was the worst, followed closely by Titanic. Titanic was ok until that stupid old bitch threw the Jem overboard. Someone should have taken it from her caved her scull in with it and threw her over board.
  20. ZmanM3

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    I liked Iron Man too. I would put it up there with the Dark Knight but 300 and Gladiator blow the rest away, I would put Braveheart in that group too.
    Other good movies would be Cool Hand Luke, The gods must be Crazy, and Star Wars!