April 2010 Car Of The Month: TurboPete

Discussion in 'Car of the Month' started by psfracer, Apr 1, 2010.

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    TurboPete's 2007 Mustang GT

    This month we have a True Street Champion, a true 9 second street car! We here at the forum like drag racing, but its rare you find a car that can turn consistent 9 second passes AND drive on the street!

    Pete attended the Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton and competed in the True Street 10.0 class. The True Street class involves a 30 mile cruise and a strict closed hood policy. You also have to run a DOT legal tire limited to 325 wide---no slicks. After the 30 mile cruise, no refueling or any maintenance is allowed, other then lowering the air pressure in the tires. Then three passes are made, back to back, with no cool down period. You also need to have a valid license, registration, and insurance. It really is "True Street".




    Pete ended up wining the 10.0 class by running a 10.060, a 10.022, and a 10.003. This equates to a 10.030 average, good enough for the win in the closest 10.0 class in NMRA history. Good job Pete! Obviously the car was working well, and the 325/50/15 M/T drag radials were delivering consistent 1.41 60' times.

    During T&T on Friday before the big race, the car went 9.98 @ 133 mph! That was with the 20 inch wheels up front to!

    It should be mentioned that all of these times were accomplished without even touching the nitrous system.

    Here are the mods that make this car work on the street AND the strip...


    Short block built by NMRA Hot Street Racer Tim Eichhorn of Mustang Performance Racing
    Custom Diamond Pistons w H-13 tool steel wrist pins, and coated skirts, 8.7.1 compression.
    All ARP hardware
    Stock heads and cams (holy crap!--psfracer)
    Manley valves and springs
    Livernois VCT lock outs.
    Hellion Turbo Systems Single Turbo Kit , modified with a Precision 78mm turbo, converted to blow thru set up
    TurboSmart E Boost 2 Boost Controller
    Tial V-44 Wastegate
    Tial Q blow off valve.
    PMAS Air flow meter, w DiabloSport Mafia


    Stage 4 4r70w w Transbrake and full automatic valve body
    Rated up to 1500 hp billet internals--Transmission built by Jason Gatlin of ATF
    B&M Supercooler w 10" fan
    2 MSD Launchers custom installed by ATF to one Wiring Harness. 1st box is on a Foot Brake setting at 3100 rpms, the second box set on Transbrake at 4100 or whatever the track holds

    Steeda Adjustable Drag Suspension
    Steeda anti roll bar
    Steeda lower control arms
    Metco adj upper control arm.
    FRPP rear diff girdle
    FRPP 3.27 gears
    Detroit TruTrac

    Custom ordered 15 x 10.5 Bogart GT wheels with Roadrace billet centers. 325/50/15 Mickey Thompson drag radials
    Rear axle tubes welded and CHE axle brace
    BMR adj panhard bar
    BMR panhard brace
    BMR front swaybar delete

    Lethal Performance triple return style fuel pump system
    C&L Intake w stock throttle body
    FRPP 80# injectors
    Harris Speedworks Sudden Impact Wet Nitrous Plate Kit.

    About Pete:

    I am 42 years old and I have been racing and modding mustangs since I was 16 years old. My first mustang was a SVO in 1984 when they first came out, I was 17 and from then on I was hooked.

    I lived in California for a couple of years and ran a Collision Center for awhile. I then opened a shop with my brother Ed doing Custom Paint and Performance. I moved back to Miami and my Brother stayed behind kept the buisness. He built a few cars that came out in the Mags including his Hellion Turbo Mach1 that was in MMFF and the Tangerine Mustang GT in last months MMFF which was also in the Fast and Furious.

    I work as a Insurance Adjuster/Appraisor, but I still work on the body shop side building custom mustangs and on the performance side with my buddy Willie Diaz and his shop MAK Performance.

    I hope to attend a few more NMRA races this year. I need a cage in the car and I am going to turn the boost up some more. My goal with this car is to get it into the mid 9s, so I am almost there.

    Thanks again for showing interest in my car, I would be honored to represent S197Forums for COTM.



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  2. psfracer

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    Congratulations PETE---one badass street car.
  3. stkjock

    stkjock ---- Madmin ---- Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator S197 Team Member



  4. Steedman07

    Steedman07 Classified's Moderator:) S197 Team Member

    Perfect choice for COM..Great mix of Show, track and street car..I weigh on those 3 categories heavily when I judge Sponsor's choice at The LMMC-CT's annual Car Shows.. Grats to the winner for April. Very well deserved..:clap:
  5. Scott

    Scott Senior Member S197 Team Member

    Pete, congratulations. You have one very nice and very quick "Ture Street" S197!
  6. mikeysgt

    mikeysgt forum member

    congrats! very nice car!
  7. TonyN

    TonyN Ford Junkie

    Agreed with all above ^.

    BADASS ride! A 9 sec street ride at that, impressive.


  8. DDTCM

    DDTCM Dan

    Very nice Pete! Always great lookin COTM on S197 forums.
  9. RedFire07GT

    RedFire07GT 11sec N/A 3V

    Awsome S197 you got there Brotha! Looks real good and is freak'n fast.
  10. LASO

    LASO forum member

    Congratulations, badass ride for sure. Now go get that 9.xx pass :beerdrink:
  11. TurboPete

    TurboPete forum member

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. It feels great to hear all the positive feedback.
    Ill be the 1st to say that without these forums, to build a Car and basically right out the gate do what I was lucky enough to do would not be so easy.
    We all love our Mustangs and by joining these forums and participating in discussions you pick up alot .
    I was happy with how the car ran , but Im more excited now that Ive made a few passes b/c I can see the area's I need to improve on .
    Im confident that I should see mid 9s at full Street Car weight of 4000 lbs .
    Once I get there Ill try to see what happens with the 75 shot.
    Thanks Again for choosing my ride as COTM for April .

  12. CameronPage

    CameronPage forum member

    congrats man!!! great car, looks and performance!!!
  13. ILW84U

    ILW84U Senior Member S197 Team Member

    Great choice. That is one sweet car you have Pete.
  14. EagleStroker

    EagleStroker N/A Junkie

    One of my favorite rides on the site, and a stand up guy to boot! Congratulations - it is well deserved :beerchug2:
  15. don_w

    don_w Dyno Numbers - Who Cares?

    Congrats Pete! Well deserved honor! :thumb:
  16. alloy6ix

    alloy6ix Wiener Dog Racer

    Congrats man!! Turbo car FTMFW!!!
  17. retfr8flyr

    retfr8flyr The Old One S197 Team Member


  18. Stangmeister9

    Stangmeister9 The Member

  19. bigray327

    bigray327 Senior Member S197 Team Member

    Wow, Pete... on stock heads! Congrats.
  20. rmays

    rmays forum member

    Gratz man! You have an amazing ride.
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