Balky LCA bushing

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Enfield, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Bought some front LCA's from another member, along with other stuff. The LCA's came with red urethane [Prothane?] bushings already installed. First one went on just as Prothane instructed - with "slight forward pressure to the rear of the new bushing with pry bar or other method".
    Second one is so far away from the base of the LCA mounting stud [~10mm] that bolt holes are not visible through mounting holes in the bearing shell. Moderate persuasion with a dead blow hammer has no effect on the position of the bushing. Logic suggests that a session with a HD shop press [not in my shop] could move the bushing into place.
    Should I press against the bushing itself, or use a drift to press against the inner shell? Or do something else altogether?
    tia, Enfield IMG_1482.JPG
  2. oldVOR

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    The bushing set is an Energy Suspension kit and here are the install directions for the kit.

    The rear bushing will spin and slide on the control arm shaft, there isn't an inner sleeve and the outer sleeve is pressed up against the shoulder of the poly bushing itself. It does take some effort to spin and slide the bushing assembly and it is possible to do it by hand (both hands).
  3. Enfield

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    Thanks for posting the Energy Suspension link. I had assumed Prothane, which is quite different. A big press and careful supporting of the arm got the bushing down where it needed to be; not exactly as ES described, but it's all good now.
    Enfield [all ready for road test of refreshed suspension except for tardy stabilizer end links from CJPP]
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