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Discussion in 'AWE' started by redfirepearlgt, Jul 22, 2022.

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    I decided to try the AWE axle back touring series exhaust on my latest 2014 Mustang FI street build and I am impressed. This system with the factory exhaust system is truly amazing. There is no drone. Around town, on the highway, even under load at 1800 - 2200 RPM in 6th gear running 65-75 mph on flats and up mild inclines I was never able to generate the first sign of drone, and I know drone. All I heard was exhaust note; mellow cruising, loud when standing on it. This setup rivals the Solo Performance cat-back system I had on my 17 GT that was up to this point the closest to the "zero drone" exhaust claim I had tried in third party exhaust over the years. When you step on the throttle the AWE exhaust awakens. Its loud... a good loud, a head turning loud but not an obnoxious trumpety raspy crap loud. When you are cruising you can listen to the radio at low volume and barely hear the deep exhaust......WITH NO FRICKING DRONE! If this axle back exhaust system does not work for you stay with stock exhaust. But if you want a nice muscle car exhaust note without drone when cruising this is for you.

    Great job AWE! and thanks!
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