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Discussion in 'Keeping it Clean' started by 8th Steed, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. 8th Steed

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    A friend of mine recommended a wax for me to use that is specifically for black cars!! Night and day difference. I bought the car a couple months ago in stock form and the condition was hideous. Many sur[​IMG]face scratches and swirl marks. This turtle wax black wax and cleaner did an amazing job.






  2. 01yellerCobra

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    It looks good for 2 or 3 washes then the swirls and scratches will start showing again. We use that stuff on the 06 for car shows. But getting good with a polisher was the best thing I did.

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  3. Speedboosted

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    Looks great! Where in WA are you? Come do my car :)
  4. tjm73

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    I used a similar red tinted wax on a '90 GT convertible I had. Worked pretty good.
  5. StewFord

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  6. Mrerob

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    I might have to pick some of that up, I keep saying I’m not going to buy another black car, I’m on my 4th one in a row, that looks great.
  7. FredB66

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    I recently bought a black 07 and it looked like it had been scrubbed with a brillo pad. A polisher cleaned up the scratches pretty well but I couldn't get the deep black finish back. I stumbled across Jet Black this weekend and the results are impressive. I know it's only a temporary finish but it looks great.[​IMG]

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    That stuff is the bomb. I ran into a local limo driver several years ago, who put me onto it, since all their limo's were black. The only thing to beware of though, is after you apply it, and just before you buff it, don't get any of it on or clothes, it won't come out ! It's black dye, and you will have one helluva time getting it out of jeans etc.

    I use to buff it with a microfiber cloth, big ones like 15" x 30". A local friend let me use her 12" orbital / random orbital polisher. Never used one before, on paper it should be quicker. Apparently the random orbital feature results in a better finish.

    Black cars look superb, esp at night, with chrome rims, but don't stay clean very long...esp with pollen falling off the damned pine tree's after a windstorm.

    Done right, it comes out like a mirror finish..and the black dye helps cover up the imperfections.
    Turtle wax make a couple of other versions for black cars, like black detailer, jet black, and one other.

    I have tried all the other products out there with varying / mixed success. One product I would stay away from is... 'NU-FINISH'...'good for 50 washes' . Works..but you get any of it on the ABS black portions of the car, like front lower spoiler / rear lower fasica , mirrors, etc...and it will turn em milky white asap. The only fix I found for that is plane jane armorall, and that only works for 1-2 months.
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