Broken Power Steering Pump

Discussion in '2005+ Mustang GT 4.6L Tech' started by Patrik Vrablic, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. Patrik Vrablic

    Patrik Vrablic Junior Member

    I have an issue with my old PSP - it's knocking.
    So it's time for new one, but Idk which PSP.
    I can go with Cardone, BBB or remanufactured Motorcraft.
    Which brand is the best? Any experiences with these? :)
  2. eighty6gt

    eighty6gt forum member

    They are all terrible, I'd convert to EPAS.

    Search for lito epas you'll find the thread. Get a used EPAS rack from junk yard for cheaper than the pump.

    *I did have to remove k frame to modify.

    If you want to keep current rack and I don't blame you, I'd just buy motorcraft.
  3. Norm Peterson

    Norm Peterson corner barstool sitter

    EPAS costs you steering feel (stiffer action with less feedback from the front tires), and the earlier Mustang EPAS units were unreasonably sensitive to front LCA bushing stiffness. IOW, with 2011-ish Mustang EPAS, be very careful how you modify things in the front suspension & steering.

    I'd be inclined to go with the Motorcraft pump as well.

  4. Patrik Vrablic

    Patrik Vrablic Junior Member

    Mustang is relatively rare car in my country (Slovakia) :D I have zero chance find Mustang in junk yard :D The best and the "cheapest" way for me is order pump from Summit. I will go with the Motorcraft for sure.
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  5. Bullitt2954

    Bullitt2954 Member

    Wise Decision.
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