Can I use the s550 coyote engine in a s197 gt plug and play?

Discussion in 'Hardcore Tech=*MOTOR SWAPS*' started by Horacios197, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Horacios197

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    I want no know if I have a s550 car crash I can get the coyote long block out and just put in the s197 and works with the s197 ecu or I have to change everything?

    The other thing if I can use the s550 short block and use the s197 heads? What else I need to do?

    Sorry for my rusty english and thanks for the reply.
  2. RocketcarX

    RocketcarX 95% of my weight is fuel

    No, you will have to use the control pack to run the engine.
    No, the short block will not work with 3v heads.
  3. retfr8flyr

    retfr8flyr The Old One S197 Team Member

  4. Wes06

    Wes06 forum member

    by s197 heads do you mean coyote or 4.6 heads?
    coyote should bolt right on, but it is not the same architecture as the 2/3/4v mod motor
  5. Horacios197

    Horacios197 Junior Member

    My 2014 have the first gen coyote and the s550 have the 2nd gen I need to know if I can use the complete 2gen engine coyote en my s197 2014 mustang or I can use the 2nd gen coyote short block with my 1gen coyote heads?
  6. tjm73

    tjm73 of Omicron Persei 8 S197 Team Member

    2G Coyote block with 1G heads is okay. But if you took the time to do real research instead of just expecting someone here to answer your questions you would already know this. You would also find out the 2G heads will both work and they flow better.

    EDIT: Swap the entire front timing cover and all associated bits (A/C, tensioners, etc....) so it matches the '14 and swap the intake and everything from the cylinder head and up and also the exhaust. Basically use all the long block from the 2G with all the other parts from the 1G and you should be fine.
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  7. Turbo302

    Turbo302 Junior Member

  8. LarryJM

    LarryJM forum member

    It is my understanding the G2 Coyote engines have a different firing order. I am not sure about the truck motors and if they are also G2s. Gen 1 Mustang engines and G1 Truck engines are said to be plug and play if you swap front covers and oil filter housing. My issue, I am asking if some left over Boss 302 long blocks were installed in early build 2014's. Without a doubt, the early 2014's have Boss 302 ECUs.
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