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Discussion in '2015+ S550 Mustang 5.0L Tech' started by Taelor0822, Nov 6, 2020.

  1. Taelor0822

    Taelor0822 Junior Member

    so i recently bought a set of seats from a 2015 gt premium to put in my 05. i’ve wondered if anyone knows a good way to make the climate control seats work? i have the wiring diagram and it’s just basic power and ground type thing but what gets me is the FCIM. does anyone know if i absolutely need this to make them function? i was sort of thinking i could just run power with a switch into it into the right wires and make it work but this computer module throws a wrench in there a bit. thank you
  2. 07gts197

    07gts197 forum member

    If it wasn’t needed Ford wouldn’t have used it in the first place. I’d use the seats as is without heating/cooling.

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  3. Taelor0822

    Taelor0822 Junior Member

    well i get that it does something i’m more trying to figure out if i can bypass it without issue. like seeing if i can run an inline switch to both the functions and power them like that or if not having the computer would cause major issue
  4. RED09GT

    RED09GT Equal Opportunity Offender S197 Team Member

    I got a set of Lincoln LS seats with heating and cooling working on my 1982 fox body so it shouldn't be that hard. I had the wiring diagram, used simple switches and things worked. These seats were from a 2003 and everything going to them was simple 12v systems. There was a small module that all the wiring went to but it didn't seem to be capable of anything extraordinary. It was a long time ago (2004) so I don't remember much about it but it wasn't rocket science.

    You'll need to get the wiring diagrams and work your way through it. I am surprised that this swap hasn't been done yet.
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  5. Taelor0822

    Taelor0822 Junior Member

    well what i’m thinking i may do is run straight power to both the functions and just put a switch in there. i just worry the module controls like the overheat circuit so it may cause the heated function to overheat
  6. Lime1Gt

    Lime1Gt Junior Member

    Some older cars use to run a timer for rear window defroster grid. Maybe you can work something like that into your wiring.
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