Color for a black 2022

Discussion in 'Pimpin' It!' started by Bullittatty, Sep 19, 2022.

  1. Bullittatty

    Bullittatty Junior Member

    Just got my black 2022 gt two weeks ago. I’ve had a black Bullitt and a green Bullitt in the past. I’ve also owned a red 98 v6, a dark green 98 v6. I’d like to add a little color to the gt. My green v6 had a brown pen strip along the side. I don’t want the whole racing stripe, although if I had a Shelby that would be cool. I was thinking of dark blue hood vents but I haven’t seen pictures where someone did that. I’d like something simple, subtle and preferably reversible. Any ideas?
  2. Blackmagic1

    Blackmagic1 Junior Member

    You could get a vinyl vent "kit". I'm sure several vendors would carry them.( I put blue on my white 13 vents) Check Big Worm graphics or others...
  3. redfirepearlgt

    redfirepearlgt forum member

    carbon fiber or charcoal would be subtle.
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